It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

Tales of rainbow striped zombie rats at our house are slowly being replaced by more genteel visions of sugarplums. I brought out my childhood copy of the Night Before Christmas this week, although when I left the hubby and Caitlin in her room last night I heard her pleading for a story about the big snow and something about her falling in water and rainbow rats, so never fear all ye fans of the rats. I’ve also broken out my holiday music collection this week. There’s nothing better for diffusing road rage than singing along with your kids to the original Gene Autry version of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

Readable Feast is a great book theme blog I’ve discovered. Anne-Marie writes Readable Feast in her “spare” time when she’s not tending to her two kids or working on freelance writing projects or blogging at her EIGHT other blogs she maintains. Good Lord woman! This week she has a great post about first Christmas books for babies. She also has a post about her local production of The Nutcracker. I went when I was 11 years old and the ticket stub and newspaper ad are neatly preserved in my childhood scrapbook. I would love to dress up the girls in a few years and take them downtown to see The Nutcracker.

We’ve been decorating the house this week little by little. The hubby has been bringing down a few boxes from the attic every night. I’m not in a huge hurry to put up our Christmas tree, though, because I’m afraid Amelia will try to climb it or will yank down every ornament. Have I started Christmas shopping? I have bought a few things and the big Santa gift, a toy kitchen, has been requested, built, and Santa and his elves have made arrangements with my brother on storing it until the big day, although I’ve warned him that his German Shepherd Buddy cannot play with the kitchen too much or the girls will suspect something.

So do you have any favorite childhood books you look forward to sharing with your kids each year?


  1. kelli says:

    I have a book my parents bought me when I questioned about Santa being real. It’s called. “What happens if you don’t believe”Or something like that. It kept me believing for a little while longer. Speaking of Christmas music, have you heard the Barenaked Ladies/ Sarah McGlachlan version of God Rest Ye merry gentlemen/We three kings? It’s great. I keep playing it over and over. And I do expect to be watching A Christmas show every night on ABC family. They have one every night until Christmas. Ok , I’m a freak.

  2. Blonde Mom says:


    I have not heard that but it sounds great. I love both of those artists.

    We have the classic Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas specials on DVD…I LOVE them! I think I enjoy watching them more than the kids. 😉

  3. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Oh, I LOVE That version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlmen! Except I’m almost holiday music played out because I started mid November (shhhh).

    We read Tthe night before Christmas in Texas, that is.” I will share that with her every year just like we had growing up.

  4. Renee says:

    I have played my Aaron Neville Christmas Cd so much the past few weeks, I think we’ve all memorized all the words to the songs, including John M.!
    I love Christmas music!

  5. Rebecca in rural Ireland says:

    Oh mine is Night Before Christmas too. Thats a good idea putting it away till Xmas, must try and do that.

    To mark the goodwill of the Xmas season I have a corsage up for grabs on my blog, the draw in next Friday.

  6. Erin says:

    We usually watched movies instead of reading books- “A Christmas Story”, etc. My mom was one of those moms who ended up decorating so much that it looked “too-Christmas-y” (my grandmother is just as bad), So we don’t really decorate. (But we don’t have little kids either!)I have a feeling that even though I’m a bit of a Scrooge now, when we have little ones I will be the housewife with a potholder collection for every season.

  7. Nicole says:

    She’s too young for it yet, but I might read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” this year. To myself.

  8. Shauna says:

    I just realized that I totally stole your subject line for this post over at NIT. I knew it came to me too easy.

  9. Blonde Mom says:

    We’ve really enjoyed two books this weekend and I thought I’d recommend them: Carl’s Christmas (a beautiful picture book starring Carl the dog) and Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Christmas. They’re both great. We also have the classic Grinch.

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