Just Beat It

Our dishwasher died a few weeks ago. It’s been sitting there mocking us with it’s unwavering evil red eye on the control panel. We’ve researched the stuck control panel issue on the Internet and unsuccessfully tried the recommendations of pushing various combinations of the control buttons. I’ve open and closed the door about 999 times to see if it will miraculously come back to life. The hubby has turned the breaker off and on to no avail. At first I found some sort of Zen peacefulness in actually hand washing dishes but by about day two I was considering buying paper plates and plastic cups in bulk. Realizing that it would probably cost as much to get someone to repair our 8-year-old or possibly older dishwasher we inherited from our home’s previous owners as it would to buy a new one, we’ve been temporarily ignoring it because, as inconvenient as it might seem, one can live without a dishwasher.

When I came home from work Tuesday the hubby was already there and I heard the sweet, sweet sound of the dishwasher merrily whirring away when I walked in the kitchen. I believe the exclamation, “THANK YOU LORD” was shouted by me because it really was a religious experience to hear dishes being washed, and not by me. Our dishwasher had risen from the dead. It was like a holiday. He also had dinner ready in the crockpot the next night, which was yet another religious experience.

I asked the hubby how he fixed the dishwasher and his reply was basically, “You know that scene in Armageddon where the Russian astronaut is frustrated about the screwed up spaceship controls and he just starts beating the hell out of the spaceship with a big wrench? Well that was pretty much it, only I used my fist.”

This handyman tip not approved by the Maytag Man.


  1. RichieAnn says:

    I am one of those sad sad people who live without a dishwasher. I know, hard to believe and I also don’t own a microwave because my kitchen is the size of the inside of the Appollo 13. Someday though, I’m gonna have it all including a fridge with ice and water in the door!

  2. Angel says:

    Woke up this morning to 39 degrees outside and a chilly 60 degrees inside. Why you might ask? Our fan on our furnace, which has been squealing in pain at us for weeks now, finally died. Why, why does stuff like that happen around the holidays, when you are already over-spending your budget? I am a total fan of beating the hell out of something to make it work. My DH, Ben, laughs at me when I bang the remote because the tivo FF or RW won’t stop and play when i want it to. “It’s not the remote!” he says. Yeah well, it makes me feel better. HA HA!

  3. OMA FLINGER minus mojo says:

    Well, I wished I’d known that trick three weeks ago cause we now have a new Maytag dishwasher…our GE died.

  4. Pattie says:

    This post made me laugh out loud! I actually do that to my stereo receiver in the kids playroom. That thing is forever on the brink of death and I find myself pounding on the top of it when the sound goes out. Funny enough, it actually works! Something tells me the stereo repair man would agree with your Maytag repairman! Hope the dishwasher hangs on just a while more!

  5. Rebecca in rural Ireland says:

    As I read your post I thought, I must email her and tell her to give it a bash… its what worked for us. Aha, but your already there. When I was a kid, we had a car which needed a similar smack with a wrench on a particular part of the engine to get it going! Our TV is the same, a swift crack on the top brings back the sound.

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