Resistance is Futile

Today is the first Saturday I can recall in months that we have no plans for the day. No soccer games or no birthday parties to rush to. The hubby is not working. There is nothing ON OUR AGENDA. It’s a rainy, cool sort of day where you want to stay inside and veg out and I remembered that we have coupons from a certain local movie rental establishment. There’s one coupon for a free kids’ movie rental but it dawned on me that we may owe a late fee for a certain horrific low budget Hello Kitty DVD that we kept forgetting to return and shuffled back and forth in our car like a late library book or a forgotten sippy cup of milk wedged under the driver’s seat. So maybe we’ll just suck it up and go to the national chain rental place and avoid the late fees. We’re renegades like that. Also, it’s quite possible that this is the video rental place’s bait to sniff out the rental fee delinquents. They’re clever like that. Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

I’m trying to resist the urge to just have the idiot box on all day. It’s not even 8 a.m. here and I’m about to break out puzzles for the girls to work on. Play Doh will probably be next on our roster. We may get really crazy and pop popcorn.

Any way, before I lull you to sleep with this, the most boring of posts, back to Saturdays with no plans. How rare is that? One of my co-workers was telling me on Monday how she and her husband basically slept all of last weekend. They’re trying to get pregnant and there was a part of me that wanted to grab her shoulders, look her squarely in the eye, and yell “SLEEP NOW WOMAN WHILE YOU CAN!”


  1. deb says:

    Enjoy it while you can!
    I told my husband yesterday that I want this weekend to be one with NO plans, NO babysitting “opportunities”. So far (and it’s only 9 AM) I’m hitting my target ;~)
    Hope you hit yours, too lol!

  2. kelli says:

    At least your taking advantage of it. Me, I have to be on the go. Your co-worker got to sleep the whole weekend? Wow, whats that like? You should of told her what you were thinking. Nah, she’ll find out soon enough. :0) Heck, I’m trying for round three. I must be crazy.

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Well I did end up going to the grocery store with Caitlin, my 4-year-old. It’s nearly impossible to stay home an entire day! Tomorrow we’re going to be gone almost all day at the Titans game. Yee haw!

  4. mrsmogul says:

    What’s in a HELLO KITTY DVD? She talks? I remember last year when my husband and I were in the mall passing a HELLO KITTY store it looked like it was closing down so I shouted, “BYE BYE KITTY!” (you had to be there)

  5. Blonde Mom says:

    Mrs. M:

    It’s horrid. Do NO RENT IT…yes Hello Kitty speaks!

    Although I remember now you have a little boy so hopefully you won’t! 🙂

  6. Kristen says:

    Man, a Saturday with no agenda? That sounds awesome. And sleep? I’ve given up on that. Especially on weekend mornings. The kids are incapable of sleeping late, especially on the weekends. ARGH.

  7. Colleen says:

    Yeah, your friend had better sleep now. Roger and I take turns sleeping in on the weekends. I got up with Delaney yesterday and he got up with her today. It works out pretty well which is why he’s afraid to have baby #2. He fears that we’ll both have to get up and we’ll never get to sleep in! He’s probably right but I’d be willing to take that tradeoff (sleep for #2!). Am I crazy? 🙂

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