Demographics, Doughnuts, and Divas

Never underestimate the sway of the mommy blogger vote. Cookie magazine’s website, which looks like a great new publication in the “I am mom, I am hip” genre, mentions Mindy Roberts of The Mommy Blog .

More coverage of the mom demographic.

Here’s a wrap up of election day. And another. Oh, and one more. And ever wonder what a publication on foreign soil has to say about American elections? Of course it mentions the Ted Haggard massage/meth scandal.

Also, if you live in Nashvegas, take your “I Voted” sticker to any area Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut of your choice. Now that’s motivation to go vote on this drizzly day. (Hat tip Ms. Cheap of The Tennessean.)

And in completely unrelated news, but on a Nashville angle, I ask for your vote on a critical issue. Faith Hill…bad actress or bad sport?

Edited to add…Also, does anyone get the appeal of the “vocals” of Rascall Fatts? I mean Flatts? (Heh, heh.) That nasaly high-pitched stuff doesn’t get it unless your an old timey bluegrass singer. Perhaps their generous use of hair styling products is affecting their vocal chords. I just don’t get it.

p.s. my blog buddy Nicole at Sitting Still has a new blog endeavor and is seeking contributorscheck it out!


  1. Sarah says:

    I say Faith Hill “bad sport” I couldn’t believe the look on her face…I broke out into laughter!

    I cast my vote in NH this morning….proud to be able to live in a country where my vote counts!

  2. Shauna says:

    I’m a subscriber but not a huge fan of Cookie. Their demographic seems to be people who have a lot more money to blow than me. And all my friends. Combined.

  3. chesneygirl says:

    Faith Hill…a little of both I think.
    But I can’t say I’d blame her for being a little ticked.
    Carrie should NOT have won that award…it’s two early for her. She should never even been nominated. I like Carrie alot…but it’s not her ‘time’ yet.
    Martina had to wait YEARS to win that award!!
    I personally thought Sara Evans should have won it.

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    OK…I am trying hard to resist writing a separate commentary on the CMA fashions. So far Barbara Mandrell’s dress gets my vote for worse dress. It looks like a bad prom dress or maybe one of those crocheted doily dolls that goes on top of a box of tissues. Trisha Yearwood? Also bad, bad, bad. Thumbs up for Carrie Underwood’s dress. And Josh Turner has totally changed his look and his channeling Justin Timberlake.

  5. Your best friend says:

    Good Grief! Due to the step issues, I slept thru the show. I just went out to and took a look at the pictures. OH MY!!! Barbara’s dress looks like a halloween costume. There were some doozies!

  6. mothergoosemouse says:

    Is that really Barbara? Or is it Elvira? I can’t tell.

    I heard about Faith Hill while standing on line at the polling place. And Britney once I got home.

    I haven’t seen the video of Faith, but I’m afraid she really was a bad sport. C’mon Faith, where’s your poker face?

  7. Blonde Mom says:

    I didn’t get my I Vote sticker dammit. I feel robbed. But I didn’t vote until 4:30 so I would have skipped the doughnut any way.

    Was anyone crazy enough to order pizza last night? It took an hour and a half for the Pizza Hut guy to arrive.

  8. Amanda says:

    We ordered pizza too. Trisha Yearwood looked like hell.

    Shame on Faith Hill. I thought she would be a better sport.

    I proudly voted!!!!

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