My Groupie Days are Over

So we went to an awesome concert Wednesday night. The last concert the hubby and I went to together was the Wiggles and the last concert I went to that didn’t involve thousands of screaming diapered fans under 3 feet tall was the Dixie Chicks tour in which Natalie Maines made the George W. crack heard ’round the world. This was also the concert wherein 10 minutes after arriving at the arena I managed to pour half a bottle of beer into my open purse while rummaging around for my cell phone. Between that cell phone beer baptism a few years ago and falling promptly on my butt Wednesday night, no wonder I don’t go to concerts much any more. I obviously need someone to hold my hand and my beer.

Any way, I was thinking back to when I was single in the early 1990s and would go see bands almost weekly with my roommate. A dozen years can make quite a difference….

Free concert tix won by answering trivia question on favorite local alternative radio station.

Free benefit event/concert tix given to us by a fellow parent and friend who knows we could use a fun night out sans children.

Spend copious amounts of time selecting the perfect outfit and accessories.

Rush home with kids after work and find something clean to wear in about five minutes because I finally realize everyone will be wearing jeans. (Note to the annoying as hell girl a few rows up from us wearing a strapless dress who kept vigorously hiking it up over her boobs…no one was looking at you and your damn dress. Well, I did notice you but only because you were annoying.)

Have a drink(s) before even leaving the house.

Have one responsible glass of house wine during dinner before concert.

Get irritated with people body slamming during concert and nearly knocking you over.

Get irritated with people in front of you actually standing up during concert. (Note to Suzy Suzy Shake Yo Booty in front of us, I’m glad you were having a great time…please tell me what drugs you were on or if you are always that perky. I could use that kind of energy!)

Stay for the concert after party, take a cab home, perhaps hit the Krystals drive thru, and sleep in until it’s time to call in sick for work. Lounge around home all day.

Head directly for the parking garage when the house lights come up, drive straight home, and get 6 a.m. wake up visit by 4-year-old. Leave work early to rest. End up doing laundry.


  1. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Sounds like fun anyway despite the annoying girls with the dress and shaking booty–and at least you didn’t spill any beer in your purse!

  2. Pattie says:

    My how things change, huh, Jamie? I don’t even remember the last concert I went to! Probably some boring opera thing or something. I give you credit for even going to one!
    And why is it that laundry always seems to sneak in there? It’s just not fair…

  3. Kristen says:

    Oh yeah, things have definitely changed. Still, a concert under any circumstances sounds pretty good.

  4. mrsmogul says:

    I spilled coffee on the cup holder yesterday. I was super klutzy and I didn;t have alcohol! I haven’t been to a concert in eons.

    Oh and still haven’t told the woman off. Probably won’t as I still dont want to be the ANGRY NEW YORKER at playgroup.

  5. Charla says:

    I’m with you in the can’t hang area…we went to the UT/LSU game Saturday, and my calves are still sore from hiking up those hills to the stadium and back to the strip. I feel so old!

    Glad you had a good time sans kiddos, though! We all need that “special” time away from our very loving family!

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