In the spirit of spookiness…

The Mom Trap blog had a recent post about how to divvy out the cavity enducing goodies your kids bring home. Personally I like the “mama and daddy pilfer through the candy nightly after the kids are asleep until it is all gone” technique. I’ve already used candy as a bribe, I mean motivator….heh, for Caitlin to eat green beans.

And Parent Hacks has a great post on how one smart mama trades candy for a toy from the Halloween Fairy.

Last but not least, it’s not too late to carve a pumpkin and this one is a no mess Jack O’Lantern.

The weather forecast for Nashville is calling for rain tonight so we may hit the mall for trick or treating but no doubt the treats will still be plentiful and the girlies can run off their sugar high on the germ o’ rama mall play area. And who knows, maybe they’ll throw in a free mall gift card for the parents (yeah right.)

Happy Halloween!


  1. molly says:

    I read that’s it’s best to give the candy all at once rather than to let them have it in bits. Something about rotting the teeth over a long period of time as opposed to just at Halloween.

    The picture is adorable. The kid’s well worth a stinky diaper or two.

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    One word on Caitlin’s witch costume…Ebay.

    (And it was CHEAP because I finally got my shizzle together and bought it weeks ago rather than typically waiting til the last minute.)

    And thanks Molly…she’s definitely out of diapers, though, it’s my 19 month old who is the literal stinker. 😉

  3. Pattie says:

    That is one scary little girl! :0

    I love the idea of the Halloween fairy/goblin, etc….although, I think I am still partial to the parents midnight pillage myself!
    Have a great Halloween!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Ooh lovely black feathers, very Raven.

    We live out in the sticks, but I buy goodies incase some kids find us, luckily most years they dont and I get to eat the stash. Hmm, 8.30pm already, surely nobody will turn up this late?!

    Love the Halloween fairy trade idea. Ours are happy with one fun size packet of smarties and choc buttons, plus lots of fruit.

  5. Gabriel says:

    Happy Halloween! As a kid, I would eat all of my candy in two days. And then I would have a stomach ache.

    I wonder what technique I’ll use with my kids.


  6. kelli says:

    I’ve already got a stomach ache from picking through the kids candy! I’m a mean mom. They each got to pick one thing and I sat there and ate like 5 candy bars. What a cute witch she is! Happy Halloween!

  7. Jennifer says:

    WOO! All I could say was SCOOOORRREEE! When the Rugrat brought home her loot!

    We did have to throw away a bunch of homemade stuff, and gum. I detest gum. She gave her daddy his favorites. Rockets. Yum. As she gets bigger and can hit more houses, I may implement the pick 10 of your favorites and trade the rest for a toy trick.

  8. Amanda says:

    She is so cute I just want to hug her.

    I havn’t forgotten about the video I have been just so busy. I am doing it in the next few days. Sorry.

  9. Oma Flinger says:

    I agree with everyone, she is just so cute. No doubt she got two of everything from every door she went to.

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