Crockpot Rage

For some insane reason I volunteered to bring chili Tuesday for our office Halloween party. What was I thinking? I may back out and sign up for break and bake cookies if the casserole nazi doesn’t hunt me down in the ladies restroom, which is apparently my only hiding place at work. We are also having a costume contest at the office. Quite honestly I’ll be doing good to remember to dress the girls in Halloween colors that morning (no costumes at daycare as the teachers are doing face painting), send candy and face paint to daycare, possibly attend the girls’ parties that afternoon and then, of course, there is neighborhood trick or treating that night.

My office is pretty small but do we know how to party ad nauseum. Any and every holiday is a reason to bring in your mama’s favorite casserole and jumbo bags of Doritos. I’m not a scrooge, really, but sometimes it is a bit much. And if we had had just one more mandatory activity during our recent big charity fundraiser week honest to God I would have spontaneously combusted. What, you’ve never had to apologize to a client on the phone when the go ahead to play bingo is blasted over the company intercom system?

And am I supposed to actually work on Halloween? Surely they don’t expect us to be productive. If so, you will probably find me snorting Pixie Stix powder on my desk.


  1. molly says:

    Snorting pixie stix powder. Holy c–p woman, you’ve got it bad. Make sure there’s no Tinkerbell paraphernalia around. Happy Halloween!!!!

  2. Charla says:

    Oh, I hate adult dress-up parties. What on earth are you going to be?

    And chili? Maybe it won’t be that bad to whip up. It sounds delish to me!

  3. kelli says:

    You just reminded me of a bunch of stuff. One being I need to buy cheese for Hailee’s “HARVEST” party. I wish I could send her in her costume. Then she could get more use out of it :0) Have fun at your office party. BTW, you get a much faster buzz from the pixie sticks if you shoot them directly in your vein. Don’t waste your time snorting them ;0)

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    OK I sound like a Scrooge. I would really love to take the day off and go to the girls’ parties at daycare and then take them home early to get ready for trick or treating but I want to save my vacation days for December.

    Thanks for listening to me bitch. WAAAAAH.

    And Charla I don’t know what I’m going to dress up as. I do have a Halloween sweater. I also have a crazy long haired gray and black wig…maybe I’ll dress up as a disgruntled employee. 😉

    p.s. it just hit me that I had PMS when I wrote this post…HA

  5. Oma Flinger says:

    Oh you can cheat. Go to Costco or Sams and get a large plastic tub of chili. Throw it into the croc,plug it in when you get there and let it simmer all morning.

    Ssshhhh, I won’t tell.

  6. Emily says:

    Oh, you know I understand all.too.well.

    Hey, someone’s done Chili Magic before…you could too! Nobody has to know…

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