Memories, Like the Cobwebs of My Mind

Caitlin has a memory like a steel trap. In contrast, I sometimes have trouble remembering how old I am. Or maybe that’s just denial cloaked in an excuse.

This morning Caitlin pointed to the mantel and asked, “Mommy there were colored balls in those at Christmas?” There are two wire rustic urns on our mantel and during the holidays I filled them with red and green glass Christmas ornaments to be all festive like. I was amazed, but not surprised, that she remembered such detail. She is, after all, her daddy’s girl.

A few minutes later I was putting on my makeup and shouted out to the hubby, “Hey babe we should go to Pei Wei for lunch some time. You’ve never been, right?”

The hubby: “Yes, I’ve been.”


“With you.”


This is usually when I make a lame joke about thinking I’d been there with my boyfriend Earl.


  1. malia says:

    Oh girl, we are in the same boat!

    I saw on Good Morning America the other morning about how veggies help boost your memory. Why couldn’t it be chocolate??

  2. Holly Schwendiman says:

    I realted a little TOO well not just to your memory but your daughter’s too. I’ve been giving mine the “don’t forget items” on the grocery/errand list since she was 4! While I on the other hand asked my husband why he used my parent’s phone number for a pin only to hear him reply “That would be our anniversary date.” Whoop.

    Holly’s Corner

  3. Kristen says:

    Yeah, I used to have a great memory – before my kids were born. I think Bryce got most of mine – he’s like Caitlin with the weird details he remembers.

  4. Pendullum says:

    I am not alone!!!
    I walked around today looking for my keys…
    I was getting frantic for me keys…
    And my daughter pointed out I was holding them…
    I did not even hear them jangle… What’s that all about????

  5. Blonde Mom says:


    See what you have to look forward to as a 37-year-old? 😉


    p.s. And Pendullum, I bought a jumbo thing of dishwashing liquid on Tuesday and still can’t figure out what I did with it.

  6. Pattie says:

    Jamie! Oh dear…
    I think the brain cells evaporate after children I swear. But, we women are not alone in our dementia…oh no, we aren’t. One time my husband said “You know we really should plan a trip to San Fransisco sometime. I think you would love it.”

    Ummm….honey? We went together….the year before.
    How scary is THAT? He didn’t even remember a VACATION…a fun one…ALONE… for FIVE DAYS! C’mon now!

  7. Anne says:

    you and my husband have the same memory. me and lily are like caitlin. I had pei wei for lunch. got to LOVE the terriyaki chicken bowl with brown rice. GOT TO.

  8. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Wow. I can’t remember what I had this morning to eat let alone a year ago. dude. You’re still my hero.

  9. sweatpantsmom says:

    I’m always forgetting that I’ve been to places that my husband insists we’ve been to together. I tell him it must have been with his other wife, the one from that whole other secret family he’s got hidden on the other side of town.

  10. Bluegrass Mama says:

    And you’re not even 40 yet. Trust me–it only gets worse! As I approach 50, I’m getting used to it. At least, I think I’m approaching 50. I could, of course, be wrong.

  11. Charla says:

    Well, I used to have one of those steel-trap minds until, you guessed it, my sweet little bebes came along. Um, can you say mommy brain?

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