Got Earplugs?

There is major roofing work going on at my building and they are two floors DIRECTLY ABOVE MY OFFICE. It’s a combination of drilling and hammering.

I forgot to bring my iPod.

I have no headphones.

It’s going to be a long day if this continues.

Here’s a funny story I heard on the radio this morning…because I need something to take my mind off THIS EVER LOVING NOISE.

OK, I’ll share another funny I just read on Blogging Baby about how to make tampon ghosts. I’m trying to think of a panty liner Halloween craft project…maybe a raft?

p.s. one good thing about the construction noise…excellent excuse for a long lunch at Pei Wei


  1. Pattie says:

    Oh Jamie…drilling and ponding all day with no relief sounds just horrendous. Yes, I think an extra long lunch not to mention a Motrin or two is in order. Or maybe the boss should send everyone home early with pay! Even better!

    At least his grandmom didn’t allow him to have the SpongeBob after all that!

    And those tampon ghosts? Cute, but I don’t think I’ll be making one anytime soon….the tampon bat was very ingenious! I also noted the host of other tampon made goodies, several for each holiday! The red soaked heart disturbed me though…a little TOO realistic, if you know what I mean! There are some mighty creative folks out there.

  2. jag says:

    Oh, man, you beat me to it. I was going to comment on you getting away to Pei Wei, because I saw you and your gaggle of girls coming in as I was on the way out the door with take out. I could’ve said hi, but I’m rude like that.

    Thanks for your nice comment.

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