Train Conductor Caps Are the New Crocs

Our trusty manny (aka my dad) babysat Amelia Saturday while we went to Caitlin’s soccer game. Nearly all of Caitlin’s games are scheduled at 1:30 which means I had to wake Amelia up mid-nap last time to head out for the game so this past weekend I thought I’d ask my dad to babysit so we wouldn’t interrupt her one sole nap of the day. Of course, because kids never do what you expect them to do, this past Saturday she went down for an early nap and was just waking up as we headed out the door.

At half time my dad came walking on to the field carrying Amelia. She was wearing a souvenir train conductor’s cap from our trip to Chattanooga last year (in his defense it was the only hat he could find at our house that fit her and it was pretty brisk in the shade). My dad also had a Huggies size 4 diaper peeking out of his back jeans pocket like a packet of chewing tobacco. I didn’t have my camera, but the sight of her wearing a train conductor’s cap was just too funny. I’m sure we’ll start a new trend for the toddler scene. Before you know it, Suri Cruise will be snapped by the paparazzi wearing the much sought after train conductor’s cap! I can just see a Burberry train conductor’s cap. All the rage people. You read it here first.

Caitlin set a trend earlier this year for wearing two different colored socks. What fashion trends are your kids setting…whether you like it or not?


  1. Linda says:

    My husband dresses our son every morning after I leave for work, so I never know what JJ will be wearing when I get home or pick him up from daycare. Joe’s big on comfort, so he usually doesn’t fasten any snaps on the shoulders/around the neck of any of JJ’s tops or onesies, figuring since he doesn’t like anything around his neck, JJ doesn’t either.

  2. Anne says:

    Emma prefers to walk around in her big sister’s shoes. I know she isn’t the only little sister to do this kind of a thing tho because there is a little girl at the gym daycare who LIVES in a pair of flipflops that appear to belong to her big sis. And this big sis wears canoes on her feet.

  3. Mom101 says:

    Wait, I didn’tknow crocs were o-vah enough to have a new crocs. I’m so uncool! But engineer caps – those are always in style.

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