My Monday Morning…More Fluids Than Ozzfest

Poor Caitlin threw up twice before 8 today. I believe it was just due to bad congestion (I will spare you the phlegmy details.) She’s asleep on the couch after watching movies all morning and seems fine. Our house now smells cleaner than it has in months…a mixture of Lysol, bleach, and Murphy’s Oil Soap. There’s nothing like a nasty bout with germs to make you clean like a maniac and wonder when exactly, if ever, was the last time you washed the dust ruffle on your bed and your child’s bed? And also, your dust ruffle will not spontaneously combust if you wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle despite the Dry Clean Only label. This Indian Summer picture perfect weather we’re having in Nashville is perfect for hanging out such special laundering all white trash like on the patio.

So here’s the world’s most boring inquiry. Do you prefer hardwood floors or carpet? We have the original oak hardwood floors in every room of our house except for the bathrooms and den and downstairs dog lair, which was originally the two-car garage but is now an all-purpose sort of playroom/dogroom/place where we put all the crap we don’t have a place for since we don’t have a garage (like our bike trailer and bikes). The berber carpet in the den, while I thought was a sound choice when we chose it five years ago with it’s “oatmeal” color scheme, has seen better days. In fact there are days I’d like to rip it up and put in astroturf. Eventually I wouldn’t mind replacing the fugly vinyl floor in our kitchen as well as the berber carpet in the den with hardwood flooring, but there’s a part of me that likes carpet in the den because that’s the room we use the most besides the kitchen and it’s nice to plop down on a carpeted floor. And if we put in hardwoods in the den will they even be able to match the original hardwood floors in the hallway or is it going to look weird? Decisions, decisions. I can mentally spend money that we don’t currently have budgeted for remodeling like it’s nobody’s business. Our darn dishwasher is on the fritz, though, which I believe is a result of Amelia’s constant tinkering with the control panel and our microwave has a crack in the door so I think appliances are going to suck dry any money I might dream of allocating toward flooring…damn modern conveniences we can’t live without. I mean who needed a microwave or dishwasher a hundred years ago? Now excuse me while I nuke my lunch.


  1. Linda says:

    I LOVE our hardwood floors – original to our house, which makes them older than I am! I just wish I had a vacuum cleaner designed to clean them well… The electric broom just doesn’t cut it and our vacuum tends to throw stuff around. And with a puppy and a cat, there’s a LOT to throw around. Maybe Santa will bring me one of these this Christmas!

  2. malia says:

    I have a similiar floor dilemma. There are hardwood floors in the living room, the hall and all the bedrooms. The bathrooms are tiled, the kitchen & laundry room have linoleum and the den and playroom have a berber carpet. I would love, love, love, to open up the wall between the living room and den (we actually use the den as the dining room) but that’s where the carpet is. So, we could pull up the carpet and replace it with hardwood, but would it match the wood in the living room? And if we’re going to replace the carpet in the den/dining room we might as well do it in the kitchen & laundry room ’cause they’re connected. But do I want hardwood in the kitchen? I think I’d rather have tile there.

    It’s a good thing we can’t even afford to do any of that right now. I’m free from the decision making!

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Our house was built in 1968. When we bought it, there were hardwoods underneath the bedroom carpet and one of the first things we did was rip it up!

    I think eventually we’ll end up just putting new carpet down in the den and replacing the kitchen vinyl. I am just anal enough to obsess about whether or not the new hardwood floors would match the old ones.

    p.s. Linda, do you have a Swiffer? We have two dogs so I use it a LOT. Then I usually mop the hardwood floors and use Murphy’s Oil Soap. I love that stuff.

    And Malia I have always thought it would be awesome to build a house but my brain would probably implode from all the decision making. 😉

  4. mamatulip says:

    Poor Caitlin! Not a very nice way to start the day.

    I LOVE our hardwood floors. We have actual wood upstairs and laminate down in part of the family room and I love it. We had laminate in our kitchen at our old house and I prefer it to hardwood, but really, it’s six of one or half a dozen of the other, you know?

  5. Colleen says:

    I’m a hardwood fan. Our house was built in 1948 and we even have hardwood in the kitchen (weird but kind of cool…although I think laminate in there would be a much better option). The bathroom tile is original and it’s OK but I’d love to update it and also update the linoleum in the sunroom with tile. But, maybe we’ll stick to our plan of moving into a bigger house in the next year and that way we wouldn’t have to do anything here. That’d be nice!

    And I love our Swiffer. It really does wonders with the dog hair.

  6. Pattie says:

    Oh your poor baby! I hope she is feeling better.

    I hands down prefer wood floors. My entire first floor, stairs, and upstairs hallway is hardwood. I think it is cleaner. We have carpets in the kids bedrooms and the tv room.
    We had a Berber rug in our last home (and a 110 pound dog) and that carpet looked filthy after the first year we had it. (also oatmeal colored like yours) No matter how often we cleaned it, it stopped looking decent after a while.So, we replaced it with hardwood. It did not match the rest of the house. We chose a dark wood, when the rest of our house was light wood. I have to tell you, it looked really nice. I am not sure you would have to match it exactly. I have a friend whose husband is a contractor. He had four different colors of hardwood in their house, and it worked. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. Anne says:

    I prefer anything over carpet. After pulling some ageold crap up in our last house and seeing EVERYTHING that lives and remains under that shiz, we limit carpet to bedrooms only. Tile, hardwood, heck…even stained concrete (which is what we have now) beats the heck out of the biohazardwastezone that is carpeting. but I don’t feel that strongly about it.


  8. Renee says:

    We have laminate wood floors in our family room. I like them, but they show every footprint and smudge. We have Berber in all bedrooms and I hate it; it’s stained and ugly. I wish I could redo it all, but with what money I’m not sure.

  9. Blonde Mom says:

    I am starting to think that berber carpet is a big scam. I really thought it would be best for durability but what I really need is child proof/dog proof flooring!!!

  10. Kristen says:

    Yuck, sounds like a messy morning. Hope she’s feeling better.

    And Quinn’s always messing with our dishwasher panel, too. ARGH!

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