I Make Babies Cry and I Accidentally Lock My Husband Out of the Bedroom

I got a great night’s sleep last night. It’s amazing what a good solid 8 to 9 hours of sleep will do for you.

Yesterday the wife of one of my co-worker’s stopped by with their 3-month-old baby girl. I’ve missed them every other time they’ve been in for a visit and I practically ran to the lobby to say hello. She was a giggling baby talking sweetie as our receptionist bounced her up and down on her legs. And then she handed her to me. I have a running joke with a friend from work that I make babies cry. OK, not always, but it seems like the last few times we have visitors in diapers they get fussy by the time they are handed to me. I don’t know what the deal is. I don’t know if, hopefully, they are just overstimulated by the time I hold them or if I give off a weird scent or if I am just plain scary looking but SHE STARTED CRYING a little WHEN I HELD HER. Also I’ve got a bit of a cold this week and I was tad anxious about holding her because I was afraid I’d start coughing on her. Yes I am sure that’s it because I like babies. Really! I swear!

Last night the hubby went up to his office to do a bit of work. He told me was probably going to sleep on the couch as I have been tossing/turning/sniffing/coughing this week. Because of Jack the dog’s fondness for slurping his doggy toes in the middle of the night, I apparently locked the door to make sure he wouldn’t disturb my slumber. Jack pushes our bedroom door open with such forcefulness that it wakes me up and when I crawled into bed at 9 last night after taking a Benadryl I just wanted to sleep. And I did. I slept right through my husband trying to open the door. But it was locked.

Babe, I’m sorry. I love you. I blame it on the Benadryl.


  1. Amanda says:

    I would love to have a night with no one in my bed. Especially my husband rubbing my back annoying the hell out of me.

    This morning somehow both girls were in my bed. I think I am going to loose it.

  2. R*belle says:

    Ah… bliss! The nice thing is that you knew he was on the sofa. I had plenty of nights sleeping alone, but I was always worried about what I was going to do when a madman/murderer/rapist/arsonist came through the house and I had to save the children and escape.

    Overactive imagination? NAh.

  3. Holly Schwendiman says:

    ROFL – Sadly I had three “pee” trips last night, not including the 3:30 wake up call to the 3-year old who had peed in his bed – maybe it was contagious? Who knows. I hate the mornings when I have more memories of waking up than dreaming in the night.

    Holly’s Corner

  4. Anne says:

    ugh. lately i have been waking up constantly, mainly whenever the husband moves, scratches something, jiggles his leg (or whatever he is doing), farts, snores, breathes, or basically just respirates in the bed. it must be the whole preggo crap but it sucks and having both girls join us made peaceable sleeping seem like a rare and delightful fantasy that will forever remain out of reach.

  5. mothergoosemouse says:

    The other night, I was getting ready to go to bed (Kyle was still up), and before I closed the door, I noticed that it was locked. Glad I noticed, or else I’d have ended up making similar apologies!

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