Last night Malia of Musings from Malicious and I held the first Nashville blogger bunco gathering at, where else, the Mothership. While there was no gambling, next time we’re playing for cold hard cash ladies. Malia has photos and the list of winners over at her place!

Nicole at Sitting Still rode with me and we are still amazed at the fact that we live so close we could practically spit on each other or at least take our girls to the same playgound. I also got to meet Ginger from Gingersnaps on my blogroll, which was very cool. Other bloggers in attendance (and please forgive me if I leave you off this list) included: Jag from I’m About to Be Brilliant, Aunt B from Tiny Cat Pants, Katherine Coble at Just Another Pretty Farce, Tiffany from Tiff Sniff, Elizabeth from Harelipfrog and her mother-in-law Jean, Sarah Clark at the blog by the same name, Ivy from Bad Bad Ivy and Rachel at Women’s Health News.

We’re planning another fine evening of dice rolling fellowship at the home of Katherine Coble. I believe the quote for the evening was something along the lines of, “I’m a mother f*ckin’ dice roller!” Oh and I finally got to see the naked Ken dolls frolicking around the miniature disco ball in the birdcage in the Mothership’s women’s restroom. Let’s just say Jim let loose some mad interior design skills in the ladies restroom. Think Studio 54 meets Burt Reynold’s dressing room circa 1976.

Thanks to everyone who rolled the dice with us last night. It was great meeting you in person! And a big thanks to Jim at the Mothership for hosting a room full of cackling women who made reference more than once to male strippers.


  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks again for organizing this with Malia. I had a great time at the Mothership (thanks Jim!) and at our own little afterparty 😉

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