If My Blogroll Was a Beer, It’d Be Domestic Brew

I tend to read blogs solely written by women, and if you break down the demographic even further, they are mom blog heavy. Being the nerd that I am (I was a print journalism/sociology double major in college), I know that I’d be all over doing a research paper on the demographics of blogging. Any way, one of the cool things about joining the BlogJolt group is that I’m reaching outside my blog familiarity zone a bit.

This week’s featured blogger is Rebecca, who blogs at An Irish Craftworkers Good Life. She is a mom to two little ones who is renovating an old farmhouse with her husband in rural Ireland. I’ve never been to Europe, but I would love to travel to Ireland some day. Rebecca wrote a post this week that I can relate to called the Iron Free Zone. Now I just need a backyard hammock. I’ve already banished our iron. I mean why deny your clothes the right to their God given wrinkles?

p.s. I also want to mention the second BlogJoltee (hey…made up that word) featured this week…Kelly at Blended With Salt. Kelly is a work at home mom who blogs for ClubMom and writes about the challenges of raising a toddler and a teenager in her second marriage. You must check out Kelly’s post from this summer about dealing with her 3-year-old’s tantrums. Not that I can relate or anything.


  1. Rebecca says:

    If I were a brew I’d probably be a contaminated wine that has downgraded to vinegar! Oh but maybe a balsamic vinegar … old, aged and very sweet!

  2. Renee says:

    Hey Jamie,
    thanks for letting us know about these 2 cool blogs. I’m going to check them out. Pretty soon, my blogroll is going to be longer than my leg.

  3. kelly says:

    It’s amazing how fast the old blogroll can get out of control, I’m so grateful for feed readers!

    Thanks for the jolt!

  4. malia says:

    Awhile back I was putting some stuff together for a consignment sale and the instructions said to iron EVERYTHING. Being the good-girl, always follow instructions kind of woman that I am, I proceded to iron EVERYTHING! Yes, I’m an idiot! At said consignment sale I noticed many, many items that had not been ironed and I, myself, bought several items even though they had not been ironed.

    Next time? NO IRONING!

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