Let’s Get Organized, Organized, I Want to Get Organized…

Last night was not as rough as Sunday night but I got on some sort of manic “MUST STRAIGHTEN THE HOUSE” kick and stayed up until nearly 11 and then of course Amelia woke up just once but it was right as I was falling asleep and then Caitlin peed a gallon in her bed about 4 a.m. and wanted to do artwork. Uh…no sweetie. It’s bedtime. But it’s a gorgeous day here and I just had a delicious lunch with my hubby so I’m a happy camper. Hopefully “hacking cough” and its evil twin sister “bed wetting” will stay far, far away from our house tonight. Caitlin has soccer practice at 6 (i.e. she’ll be exhausted tonight). And an exhausted child is a good thing as hopefully she’ll sleep well. Note to self: remind Caitlin to use the potty before bedtime.

Occasionally people ask me to review a product on my blog. While I don’t get a huge amount of traffic, I think advertisers and marketers are starting to get hip to the blogging womens of the world. I’m still holding out for free liquor, hardwood floors in my kitchen, and an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean, but beggars can’t be choosers.

A representative with About Your Time, LLC, the publisher of the BusyBodyBook Organizer, contacted me several weeks ago and wanted to know if I’d like a review copy of their organizer. And I was all, “heck yeah,” because I love calendars. And I love free stuff.

I don’t think I could ever use an electronic calendar because I love hand writing in a calendar and have since high school when all the girls carried those small monthly calendars with a cute kitten or puppy on the cover in their purse. The reality is I am not very organized any more since I’m quite often sleep deprived, but by carrying a spiffy organizer I LOOK ORGANIZED. Smoke and mirrors people. Smoke and mirrors.

Any way, I’ve been too busy to give a shout out about the BusyBodyBook! How ironic is that! The clever thing about this particular organizer is that it has a blank five-column grid format for each date. So you could have a column for each family member’s activities or maybe a column for your appointments and one for meal planning and one for the cocktail of the day. So far I’ve come up with four columns for my organizer, one for each family member, and that fifth blank column? The cocktail a day idea is mighty tempting.

p.s. I just noticed there is a free download for a large fridge grid for the month of September on the BusyBodyBook website that you may want to check out.


  1. molly says:

    I tried electronic organizers and handwritten ones, and I like handwritten better. Easier to see everything all at once. It must be fun to get free stuff. I like your cocktail a day idea. I might implement that one without an organizer. I don’t think I’d care if I ended up with an unplanned repeat!

  2. Pattie says:

    I could use one of those organizers, especially since I FORGOT my son’s dental appt. last week. I was so embarassed, as I usually pride myself on my organization.I am with you on the hand written calendars…much better in my opinion.
    Here’s hoping your household gets a better night’s sleep!

  3. Busy Mom says:

    It looks cool! They keep contacting me and I reply and then they don’t send it. Maybe they need to write it down in a fridge grid?

    Hope sleep visits your house soon!

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    Busy Mom…you should be the BusyBodyBook spokesmodel!

    Last night I went straight to bed when Caitlin zonked out and I got more than EIGHT HOURS SLEEP. There is a God. Yea.

  5. Liquor and Drink says:

    I think you got comment spammed with the previous comment…anyway, for an organizer, I just put my whole life in Microsoft Outlook. It works pretty well. I can’t take it around with me like an organizer, but I have phone numbers on my phone and that’s all I need on the go. Plus I can get into Outlook via a web browser from anywhere.

    If you want cocktail of the day ideas (I hope you followed through on that–good idea), check my site.

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