Where’s My Plastic Tiara And Bud Lite?

Hey, I’m a blogging Belle!

The Belles got together virtually last night, did a little dance, shook their ya ya sticks, downed a few shots of tequila, and dubbed myself and Nicole at Sitting Still the newest Belles. Go read the news on R*Belle’s blog, which, by the way, was one of the first blogs I discovered last fall. She’s from the South, too, and she will welcome you with sweet tea or maybe a Budweiser. You will have to settle for a Coke on ice, milk, or watered down Kool Aid here at my blog as the hubby needs to make a beer run this evening. Being the weekend and all, he’ll probably opt for a 12 pack or get some fancy foreign brew so you may want to pop in later. Excuse the laundry everywhere and the Legos and the plastic poker chips and My Little Pony’s, but I did just clean the kitchen floor and managed to sneak in a shower while Amelia was napping.

I think this makes up for not pledging a sorority in college and enduring braces off and on for years in junior high and high school. Amelia has a horrible cold so I’m hoping you fellow Belles will use your super belle power to send her feel good vibes for the weekend. Otherwise I think mama’s in for a long weekend.


  1. Yankeebelle says:

    Welcome to the fold. I send you Dimetapp wishes and Sudafed dreams for your weekend.

    Off to shake my yaya stick and see if someone hot falls out of it.

  2. R*belle says:

    We are happy to have you! I am sorry to say that we too are out of beer. It is a sad thing indeed!

  3. molly says:

    Congratulations to you. You southern girls seem to have all the fun! No beer here either, but when I have my glass of wine later, I’ll raise my glass to you and all the other Belles. Sadly, no Belles here up north….

  4. Anne says:

    awww. poor Amelia. i’m telling you, something has been burning through town for the past few weeks here too. Alle the kids have bad noses. 🙁 I can’t belive it but we are out of beer too. See what happens when I’ m not drinking? The whole world falls apart.

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