BlogJolt…Better Late Than Never!

I’m belated on this week’s BlogJolt and we were on the road home from Florida last week so I wanted to be sure and mention Jill Koenig at Goal Blog, Goal Tips, Goal Setting, Time Management for Superachievers.

Jill, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, has a great quote on her blog that I thought I’d share…

    “Today pick one person from your past who impacted your life in
    a positive way and write them a HAND WRITTEN letter describing
    your gratitude for their presence in your life. Mail it today!”
    -Jill Koenig

I’m very bad about not handwriting correspondence any more, although I still write good old-fashioned thank you notes by hand. I use my laptop and office computer so much I sometimes don’t recognize my own handwriting. The only other time I seem to be hand writing is for bills and with electronic bill pay I don’t even do that very often. And it’s a shame to save handwriting for bills…blech!

Any way, if you are looking for some great time management tips, be sure to visit Jill!

Edited to add: I find it hilarious that I blogged belatedly about someone who is an expert on time management….only me.


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