The Preschool Reverse Diet

Have a fridge/freezer stocked with kid friendly food, some of it actually nutritious!

Add an extremely picky 4-year-old who would live on nothing but string cheese and apple juice and bread if you didn’t coax her into expanding her culinary tastes beyond foods that are prepackaged or come in boxes or bags featuring cartoon characters.

End up eating all the untouched foods, such as pizza rolls, for your own lunch. (Finger foods are great for blogging while lunching.)

Throw in an occasional bag of fruit snacks or a juice box for good measure.

Wonder why you are not losing any weight even though they are “light” pizza rolls, dammit.

Consider Googling the calories burned by picking up a (nearly) 25-pound 17 month old over and over again.

Opt to eat another pizza roll instead.


  1. laura says:

    LOL. Oh dear. I hopeI don’t have a picky eater some day. It will make me so sad!

    Those pizza rolls are so damn good though….

  2. Renee says:

    Sounds like my house. I was just thinking this morning that Anna had eaten no ‘real’ food yet today.
    She begged for a hot dog for breakfast. I didn’t have the strength or time to say ‘no’. Bad mama. Then I fixed her a frozen pizza for lunch. Still no real food. The only thing that saved me was the kiwi she had for dessert!

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Luckily Caitlin loves fresh fruit. She ate a big bowl of cantaloupe the other day. She also loves strawberries. I can’t believe she weighs well over 30 pounds since she barely eats, though!

  4. Blonde Mom says:


    LOL! Well Caitlin (my oldest) weighed 20 pounds at 6 months too. She was a chunk! 🙂


  5. Joe says:

    I need to lose weight, there I said it. I'd love to start a weekly motivation group with the goal of documenting our weight loss.

    I was thinking we could do one layout a week with different weight loss topics.

    The first topic is:

    Title Page with a current picture and your current weight and goal weight (you may want to blur these before posting online.) I plan on printing this one and putting it on my bathroom mirror, although the fridge would be a better place!

    Who else is on board with me???

    A couple more things, we need to figure out a night for a weekly motivation chat AND I'd love to have a nifty little name for us like:
    PAW- Pound a Week
    CHEESE- Choose Health Exercise Eating Sensible Everyday

    I'm sure you can come up with something better!

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