You Know You Need a Vacation

…when your boss e-mails you regarding an editing project and for a split second you mistake the word “clunkiness” describing a particular paragraph for “drunkenness.”

I went to the Dollar Tree at lunch this week for cheapy, fun trinkets for the girls to open in the car. We’ve got an 8-hour plus drive ahead of us, which will probably be more like 10 or 11 with the girls, but between the bribes trinkets and electronic distractions and snacks (including a Slinky, Groucho Marx funny gag glasses, flash cards, animal crackers, AND a portable DVD player) we should survive the trip without killing each other. I almost bought the girls toy cell phones but I put them back when I realized I didn’t want to listen to that tinny phone sound effect over and over and over again because toys from the Dollar Tree don’t have on/off switches. That way when you fling them out the window while going 80 miles an hour there’s no great loss.

Although vacation never means the same thing when you are traveling with small children, it’s an opportunity to sleep in, wear nothing but shorts and flip flops, get a little sunburned and a little sand in our shoes, and not check my work e-mail for a week. I also want to take a little break from blogging and my laptop. I think the withdrawal has begun as I posted twice Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s sort of like when you know you’re going to start a diet in a week so you eat all the chocolate in your house, including the bag of mini chocolate chips you’d been saving for baking…you know, if you actually baked.

We may take the girls to a dolphin show at the Gulfarium in Ft. Walton. I remember going there when I was about 12. I also remember my rad baby blue air brushed t-shirt purchased on the strip that year. Of course there was also the time when I was 17 on my senior trip and got an airbrush tattoo, but that’s another story. I’ve been traveling to the same area of Florida since I was a kid, so the memories are many and I’m looking forward to making new memories with our kids.

My “manny” (aka my dad) is already in Florida with my stepmom and has been calling us for advice on what kind of coffee and beer we like so he can have the fridge stocked. I heart my dad. There’s not a big night life in Navarre Beach, so we need to make sure we have lots of ice cold beverages because being with two small children, what else are you going to do at night?

I had short timer’s syndrome all week at work. You know, where you have a million things to wrap up before you leave, but you don’t want to do any of it. Off to pack and get the oil changed in the Pathfinder…but I’ll leave you with these timeless lyrics by the Go Go’s.


  1. Shauna says:

    Looking forward to vacation photos of the whole Blonde Family in new airbrushed teeshirts.

    Oh, and have fun!

  2. Amanda says:

    I have always wanted a tatoo!!! Maybe when I turn 30.

    Have a great trip I’ll miss you, Can’t wait for you to come back.

    Try and relax!!!

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Mayberry Mom:

    The sleeping in part is wishful thinking. Do not shatter my fantasy vacation. Tee hee. 🙂


  4. Library Mama says:

    I hope you’re having a great time.

    And Amen to those new memories of old places you will form with your girls.

    My favourite line of this post was the one about flinging the toy(s) out the window on your trip. I hear ya!

    I think I heart your dad too. He sounds like a gem.

  5. sweatpantsmom says:

    I love this post, but am fixated on the fact that your dad is inquiring about what kind of beer and coffee you like so he can stock the fridge.

    How on earth did you train him to do THAT?

  6. Nancy says:

    I hope you’re in the midst of a wonderful vacation. Isn’t the Dollar Tree awesome for road trip trinkets? 😉

  7. Kristen says:

    Hope it’s going well. Good call buying some new trinkets for the time in the car. That actually works wonders. Along with the portable DVD player. And the liquor after the kids are in bed…

  8. bridgermama says:

    Oh, have a wonderful time. I am so pumped for family vacations when B gets a bit older! I have such fond memories of the trips we took,as a family, growing up…creating new ones will be so much fun! Oh and I love the dollar store idea. I will definitely be storing that idea for vacations to come.

  9. jag says:

    Aren’t you back yet? I mean, YES, enjoy your vacation…I’ll be looking forward to your daily updates when you get back.

    Hope you’re having a great time!

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