It’s A Nice Day for a White Trash Wedding

So, tell me. Have you ever seen Hank Williams Jr. sans sunglasses? Also, despite the fact that I’ve never owned a Hank Jr. CD in my life, the words to All My Rowdy Friends, Country Boy Can Survive and Family Tradition are permanently etched in my brain. The opening strains are like a subliminal call of the redneck urging me to drink Bud from a can and shout yee haw at the top of my lungs. I think it’s some sort of high school field party post traumatic syndrome. Sweet Home Alabama is another Southern anthem that gets me going.

Any way, I was surprised to see Bocephus not wearing his shades as he got rowdy following the post-Nashville nuptials of his buddy Kid Rock to Pamela Anderson. What’s next? Kid Rock not wearing a broken-in wife beater? Who knows. Kid Rock may pull a Kfed and sign a modeling contract…maybe for Hanes?


  1. Jenny says:

    I didn’t think Hank Williams Jr. had eyeballs.

    And btw…I totally know all those songs by heart. Come over and we’ll kareoke.

  2. something blue says:

    Maybe Hank Jr. was trying to achieve the full on, up close view of Pam in her glory. You might have overheard him ask Kid if those puppies are real. {Real Shameal!}

  3. Nohell says:

    Hell yeah, I know those lyrics, too. My brother had “Country Boy Can Survive” on a 45. My contribution to our pre-teen redneck music collection on 45 was the CDB’s “In America.” Yes!

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