Saturday Mornings Links

There are some very creative blogging women out there.

Here are three very different posts I’ve read this week that I hereby decree the best of the breast posts!

A Tale of Twins
by Mama C-Ta

The Breast Wars: Part II– I Suffer Injury And Humiliation by Anne Glamore

The Breast Years of my Life by Girl’s Gone Child

On a totally unrelated note, Giving Mommy has written a very powerful series of posts on her struggle with drug addiction. You might want to start with the first post.

Also, I’ve updated my Blogroll and added a few more blogs that I subscribe to via Bloglines as well as some newbie bloggers, such as Gingersnaps from Nashvegas. I hope to eventually redo things a bit and make my Blogroll a separate link so that it’s not so obnoxious. Also, I generally try to stick with reciprocal blogrolling so if you’ve linked to me and I still don’t have you listed, send me an e-mail at and I’ll add you!


  1. starshine says:

    I’ve been reading Mama C-ta for a long while. She’s an amazing inspiration for breastfeeding with everything she and her little Cricket went through to conquer his tummy troubles.

  2. Pattie says:

    Those blog titles are hilarious! Who doesn’t like a little breast post here and there! I’ll go check out the new blogger, too.

  3. Anne Glamore says:


    Thanks for the kind words! As you’ll see in the post after the breast wars, I’ve called a truce because of my broken wrist, but I shall heal and fight again!

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