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and I know what’s happening. (Just a little flashback to REM’s Superman from Life’s Rich Pageant/1986.) Actually I’m not sure I know what’s happening, but seeing as I subscribe to the “parenting as you go” philosophy, I’m winging it!

We are no longer virgin soccer parents! Tuesday night was Caitlin’s first soccer practice and she loved it. To make things even cooler for her, the practice was held on the lawn of her future elementary school. And, as a side note, doesn’t she look stunning in purple? She was a little hesitant when we first arrived and met her coach. She clung to my legs and I had that parental feeling of dread. However, once she got out on the field with the rest of the team she was obviously very into following the coach’s directions and really trying her hardest. And also, have you ever noticed that there is “that one kid?” You know…the one kid who is having a much harder time than your own? One little girl burst into tears on the field and I secretly breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t Caitlin. Bonafide games start in September. It should be interesting to see which parents bring homemade snacks and which parents bring storebought goodies and which ones bring storebought goodies disguised as homemade.


  1. Amanda says:

    Did you ever see the “Everybody Loves Raymond” Raymond and Debra didn’t bring the approved snacks on the list.

    I can’t see the picture on my computer but I know she is beautiful.

    Congrats on being a soccer mom!!!!

  2. Your best friend says:

    It will be pre-packed food and capri suns!! HA! That is what mine get and take! Our Fall soccer season starts soon for Mr. E!

  3. R*belle says:

    I will be bringing store bought and I make no bones about it as they taste better than anything I could make! Also, no need to pretend with kids they like it all… and I am not one that trys to impress other moms. I bet that suprises you…

  4. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Homemade snacks for soccer? Never heard of them! Then again, my kids only played a season or two each before moving on to other sports. But I’m not really sure that you lose your soccer mom virginity till the first game.

  5. Pattie says:

    “and which ones bring storebought goodies disguised as homemade.” This made me laugh out loud! OMG, do people really try to get away with that?

  6. mamatulip says:

    She’s adorable!

    Julia’s last soccer game was this week. She got a medal and she is SO PROUD. The games were hilarious — the kids just rolled around in the grass and did sommersaults…it was so funny to watch. You’ll love it!

  7. molly says:

    Blondes always look great in purple,it’s just not fair! Sounds like you have the snack thing all figured out, I was store bought all the way.

  8. Mayberry says:

    So cute. One of the million things I love about our day care is that for birthdays etc., the rule is any treats you bring in must be storebought! I think it’s so no one gets poisoned (or typhoid) but I love it.

  9. Oma Flinger says:

    Ahhhh, since you subscribe to the “parenting as you go” philosophy, and your a virgin soccer mom, go organic. You will be amazed at the great things they have that do taste good and let them pop that….bubble (get your head out of the trash blog readers) when the kids boo you off the field.

    It’s OK. I am a late cumer (lady, I mean it) to health foods but love them.

  10. Liz says:

    YAY for Caitlin — I love the color of her jersey — three out of four of mine play (this will be Mini-Me’s first year, playing) and practices start soon.

    I can’t wait, they have so much fun!

    Trying to make three games on Saturday…not so much – good luck!

  11. Charla says:

    I have been debating whether or not to sign Chase up for Soccer this year. He would love it, but this is also Football season (aka the time my husband ceases to reside at our house, but seemingly in his truck because he is on the road officiating middle/high school games SO DAMN MUCH!), and I worry about how everything will schedule out. I’ll more than likely end up doing it, wagging Claire along, and having a great time watching the wee ones learn sportsmanship. It’s just psyching myself up for it….

    Let me know some great (read: easy) team snack ideas as you go, m’kay?

    (And Oma? I am blushing at your comment! ROFL!)

  12. Nancy says:

    Once again we’ve got that parallel life thing going on. Mimi’s starting soccer this fall. We picked up a pair of sneakers for her tonight. I hadn’t thought about the “soccer mom” angle though — guess it’s true!

  13. aaron says:

    I am coming into this post very late while doing a search for something else but felt the need to comment.

    I have been coaching YMCA soccer for 14 seasons. Teens, young children, and toddlers.

    This past season I stopped all team snacks. I put the onus on the parents to bring snacks for their own child.

    Now we don’t worry about allergies. I don’t worry about schedules. I don’t get irate when a parent brings doughnuts for 1/2 time.

    Kids at this age don’t need Gatorade and juice-boxes and what-have-you.

    They don’t need the focus of the game to be the snacks at the end.

    I had a number of parents get pretty upset with me an their kids may not be returning to my team in the Fall but that’s OK with me; I’ve done my best work.

    Take a look at http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/27/opinion/27coben.html?ex=1179374400&en=d14e04e0940ae45e&ei=5070
    I found that looking for justification of my choice. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one.

    Don’t support the spread of juvenile diabetes. Don’t get the store-bought pre-packaged snacks. Go for the fruit and nuts. Your kid will appreciate it

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