This Message Brought to You by the ETBS

This blog post is a service of the Emergency Toddler Broadcast System (ETBS). We are missing a Snow White sippy cup. It will most likely turn up a month from now in some remote corner of my car. Once filled with milk, it will release a putrid cloud of toxic gas upon opening. I’ll either just toss it without bothering to try to salvage it by giving it a good soaking in bleach, or it may come in handy the next time I have road rage and the driver pissing me off has an open window.

p.s. It’s Monday morning and do you know where your missing sippy cup is? Ours is still MIA.


  1. mothergoosemouse says:

    Four – I tell you, FOUR – sippy cups found under the bed a few weeks ago. Kyle’s all, “Well, at least they just had water in them,” and I’m all, “No, milk just looks like water when it’s been unrefrigerated for MONTHS. Clumpy white water.”

    Here’s hoping you find Snow White and that she was not filled with milk-turned-clumpy-white-water.

  2. Joel says:

    Sippy cups today…your silverware, coffee cups, plates, etc. tomorrow. Every now and then we have to “raid” our boys rooms just to have enough flatware, spoons, etc. to serve dinner.

  3. Pattie says:

    Oh Jamie, I vote for just tossing it out. I think just the smell of that lovely curdled stuff is enough to melt the metal right off your car. I should know…after the first time I unknowingly opened a cup with curdled milk in it, in the car I might add, my children had nightmares for weeks.It was just that gross.

  4. kara in kansas says:

    Oh Jamie, I’m still looking for one certain sippy cup my boy lost 4 years ago!

    One time my girl lost a sippy cup filled w/ juice-unfortunately she found it about two weeks later-and promptly took a drink.

    Have you ever seen a drunk toddler? It’s not pretty

  5. Renee says:

    That reminded me so much of a bottle of milk that Mark found in his truck 2 weeks ago. From the condition of it, I’d say it was there at least 6 months or so.
    In the trash it went!

  6. Blonde Mom says:


    You crack me up on the fermented juice! 🙂


    p.s. still haven’t found it…probably will toss it when we do

  7. Shannon (Sentimental) says:

    Oh yes, the land of the lost sippy cups, almost equivelent to the land of the missing sock. Never to be found unless in the most weird places.

  8. Carolie says:

    Isn’t finding something like that just HORRIBLE? And you don’t have to have toddlers for that lovely discovery. I capped a half-drunk bottle of milky iced coffee (very popular here in Japan) and tossed it on the passenger seat along with all my other stuff.

    Somehow, the bottle fell to the floor unnoticed, and rolled under the seat. Several days later (very hot days, may I add…) the bottle decided to blow. Not pretty. Not fun. Not fragrant.

    I’m so glad I re-found your blog! I lost my favorites, and was thrilled to find your comment on my blog so I could find you again!

  9. Kristen says:

    Ick. How much cottage cheese have I grown in my car as a result of this exact situation? I say again, ick.

  10. Amy says:

    My Mom was over here the other night for a cookout and she promptly opened one of those MIA milk cups. EEEEEW. It was GROSS I tell ya! Cam found it and had just deposited it in the sink. He LOVES to put his cups in the sink. If only he would do it after he decides he is not going to drink anymore instead of after it had been under the couch for a couple of days. I wondered where that thing had gone…

  11. Brandy says:

    I haven’t made it to sippy cup land with my little one yet (4 months), but I still remember it from my first. He still from time to time, at 8 years old, has a couple of science experiments going on in that pile of clothes and toys he likes to call his bedroom. I guess that’s just a boy for ya…

  12. Mayberry says:

    Mmmmmm … I JUST found one of these treasures in my car the other day. Chunky, just like MGM said. I do like your idea of saving it for a road-rage emergency when it does surface.

  13. molly says:

    This was hilarious!!!
    Once was in car with husband driving. He got into verbal altercation with driver in car next to us. Driver in that car spit into our car. Could’ve used some emergency leftover fermented sippy milk then!

  14. malia says:

    Several months ago my son through his pacifier while in the car and we still have not found it. And I don’t have that large of a car!

    Mother’s Law of Missing Sippy Cups #1
    If it goes missing, it will have milk in it.

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