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This week’s featured BlogJolt blogger is 25-year-old (God I’m old) California mom to two little boys Margo at Of Fish and Family who describes herself as a work-at-home-mother, freelance graphic artist, Type-A organizer, and incurable klutz. I love Margo for admitting she is a klutz, which is something I am painfully familiar with (pointing to fugly self-inflicted bruise on left leg from walking into coffee table.)

I know absolutely nada about raising little boys so it was fun to read a blog infused with testosterone for a change. I enjoyed reading Margo’s post lamenting (sorry Margo!) about her 4-year-old son’s new found love for the PowerRangers.

I cracked up reading Margo’s recent brush with fame at Blockbuster . You’ll just have to go read about it yourself, but I’ll give you three hints: reading, rainbows and Star Trek.

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