Are You Ready to BlogJolt?

I was recently invited to join a new group of diverse women bloggers called the eMoms BlogJolt. We’ll have a featured member each Thursday and I’ll be directing you to a post(s) on their blog that I think would be of interest to you, you, and you in the back row falling asleep because your kid was up half the night.

Today’s featured blogger is Sarah Zeldman, a Life & Business Coach for Busy Moms, who blogs at Solutions for Busy Moms. As someone who is constantly seeking balance between my roles as wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, Target-obsessed consumer, and co-worker who mooches chocolate from others, I am definitely drawn to the idea of a “life” coach.

I’ve written several times about how difficult it is for me to stay organized and Sarah has a recent post that links to an informative article which provides tips for moms to tame hectic work days. If I had a dollar for every item I’ve forgotten during my morning getthekidsfeddressedandgetoutofthehouseatadecenthoursoidon’tgetfired rush I’d be well on my way to footing the bill for the girls’ college education.

Sarah also posted earlier this week about the first annual Telecommuting Moms Month in September. I telecommuted for most of last year and loved it, although there were times I took multi-tasking to a new level (try breastfeeding, taking notes, participating in a conference call, watching CNN, and eating simultaneously!)

Sarah offers a free stress-relief kit here. It includes a virtual vacation audio download that I must say sounds very enticing considering I’ve been dreaming about hopping on a plane with a one-way ticket to a Carribean island with nothing packed but my flip flops, tankini and sunscreen. The kit also features a “Balance on a Budget” report which lists creative low-cost ways to reproduce the benefits of services such as a cleaning service, personal assistant, personal chef and more.

I hope you enjoy the weekly BlogJolt!


  1. Nancy says:

    I will have to go take a look at Sarah’s posts. I’m going through some work/life balance stress right now and it might be helpful to get some hints on how to deal with it. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Still. Haven’t. Done. My. Profile. Oh. My. God.

    See what I’m missing? LORD. Get on it! (she says to herself)

  3. Liz says:

    Sounds like a real good thing — and they obviously have an eye for blogging talent — I’m heading over to check it out.

    Good luck, girl!

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