The Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties

The Golden Panties

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When I sorted through our mail last week there was a lightweight package from my friend Kaye in Kentucky. Before I greedily tore the paper I knew what it was without feeling the luxurious nylon/lycra spandex blend between my fingers. The golden panties!

For the past several years, whenever my college buddies and I get together (which, unfortunately, is getting fewer and farther between considering we all live in different states) we always pass along the same prank gift–a gawdy pair of antique gold high waist panties purchased by Kaye from Dollar General that have been finely crafted from a “light weight fabric” that gently “molds the figure.” They look like something a WWF wrestler or fashionably inept superhero might wear. Kaye heard that I had pneumonia and she knew the powers of the Golden Big Ass Panties would magically heal me (or at least make me laugh.)

My friends from college share my goofy sense of humor. We all met while working for the student newspaper back in the late 1980s. I changed my major my freshman year from public relations to print journalism, which was a bold move for me at the time, and had started writing for the student newspaper as a general assignment reporter at the encouragement of my Basic Reporting professor. I had just dropped out of Greek rush at my college and found friendship among my new journalism buddies. I wasn’t really sure if I was the sorority girl type and frankly the thought of deciding what sorority to go with and basically choosing the girls who would be my friends for the next four years was way too stressful (all that teen angst). I was also in a high school sorority for two years and wasn’t sure I wanted to be in that type of clique again, although many of my friends joined sororities and loved it. I tearfully told my rush counselor that I wanted to drop out and that I would probably rush during my sophomore year. I never did.

The golden panties are just a reminder of my friendships during a time when staying up late at the student newspaper office and ordering Domino’s pizza on production nights and typing stories on prehistoric Mac computers and proofing gallies and cutting out headlines with an X-acto knife and partying on the weekends in one of Mr. A’s old rental houses off of College Street and drunkenly dancing to REM or U2 and worrying about what kind of summer internship we’d get was our life. Now I just need to decide who will be the next lucky recipient of the golden panties. Mwaa haaa haaa haaa.

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  1. mrs mogul says:

    haha! We must have had the same friends! I remember the PREHISTORIC MACS!! They were like 5 inches thick!


    Oh and I think your blogher button is great!!! Did you make that?

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Mrs. Mogul:

    Mrs. Flinger, one of my favorite bloggers, is the woman behind the BlogHer button. She’s on my blogroll or you can check her out by clicking on the button. She’s awesome! Yes on the old Macs! These were those small rectangular ones.


    p.s. I also feel compelled to add that the golden panties still have the tags on them. We don’t actually wear them. 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    Okay, that is about the most wonderful thing I have ever heard. I love those close friendships that stand the test of time, pregnancies, marriages……

    Makes me want to give some of my college friends a call, heck, even send them some Grannie Panties, with a copy of your blog so they don’t think I am completely off my rocker!

  4. mamatulip says:

    I love the panties. That’s AWESOME! I think funny running jokes like that are so much fun. That’s what good girlfriends are for. 🙂

  5. Oma Flinger says:

    I think it’s great and perhaps this is proof that the fairy exist. You got hit girl cause I see happiness in your house. Just look at that picture!

  6. Library Mama says:

    I think you may have a valid lawsuit here. I mean, let’s face it, your “panties” idea was stolen and re-vamped to become the “Traveling Pants” phenomenon.

    I’d look into it, girl! 😉

    What fun, BTW!

  7. Mrs. Flinger says:

    OMG!! WE HAVE THE SAME STORY! Only ours are red. I think I was even the last one to get them.

    They are around here somewhere….

  8. Bluegrass Mama says:

    LOL! College Street, huh? Does that mean we went to the same college? Or does more than one university town have that street? 😉

  9. Mari says:

    Those panties were a bargain! One dollar for this much fun? It should be illegal. And I had never heard of high school sororities before? They do that? Learn something new every day.

    P.S. On the long drive home last week, I introduced my 6-year-old to Tetris. My bridesmaid Amy became my friend freshman year because of the prehistoric Mac which in my dorm room. She wiled away many an hour on that machine, and I was happy to pass on the memories to my son.

  10. Mary Tsao says:

    I love this! Also love hearing about your college days and friendships. But those panties are GOLD! Very cool. I’ve never seen anything like them before in my life.

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