Great Books, Great Cause

I’m a sucker for both animals and great childrens’ books. Both our dogs are certified mutts. Bailey was adopted from the Nashville Humane Association for her gigantic rabbit like ears and super doggie neurotic tendencies and the hubby rescued Jack from a ditch after he had been hit by a car and left for dead on Thanksgiving weekend five years ago. Randy Houk, president and founder of The Benefactory, sent me a few copies of their great children’s books last month. They are true stories about real animals and our resident 4-year-old children’s book reviewer, Miss C, loves them. She even requested that “Ruffle, Coo and Hoo Doo,” a story about great horned owls and parrots sharing a nest in the same tree, go with her during her recent visit with our parents. My favorite is “Chessie, The Travelin’ Man,” which is about an endangered manatee who swims up the East coast.

The Benefactory was founded in 1990 in an effort to bring nature to life for young readers and to foster humane and responsible treatment for all living things. For more information about The Benefactory’s books, which are also available in video or audio featuring narration by Grammy and Emmy winning musician Tom Chapin, visit their website here at You can also reach them via their toll-free number at 1-866 PAWPAL 0, (1-866-729-7250). The Benefactory is making Storytelling Kits available to volunteer groups at a discounted cost, so if you have a children’s group you work with you may want to check that out!


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