Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

So, have I told you about my PNEUMONIA? Sigh…

I think had a false sense of feeling “okay” when we left the ER yesterday due to the IV of drugs and fluids they pumped through my veins. I did not sleep well last night and took two Tylenol PM at 12:30. I didn’t want to eat dinner but forced myself to eat a half a deli turkey sandwich because I never ate lunch and threw up when we got home from the hospital. Probably because I had so much medication in me and no food. Today for lunch the hubby brought me a cup of chicken noodle soup from a local cafe and it was the best thing I’d tasted in days. I may eat that soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Bear with me, but this ranks as one of the worst things I’ve ever had. I had the flu once about 12 years ago. Luckily (see, there I go being positive) I’ve only been to the ER one other time in my life and that was after I had Caitlin and due to some complications.

So, I’m throwing a pity party. I’m trying to rest. I’m still in my pjs. I’m trying to watch a little TV. The Painted House was just on HGTV but Debbie Travis was annoying the heck out of me. I think she was flirting with this cute contractor in the way that she said, “I’ve never done tongue and groove before.” And the way she says “porous?” Blech. Now Decorating Cents is on and the husband speaketh of things you’ll never hear uttered by my hubby: “I’m more of a color person. She’s more into taupes and neutrals.” What?!

I promise this won’t become The Pneumonia Blog. Maybe the HGTV Critique Blog?


  1. Library Mama says:

    Honey, you just curl up and watch all those shows you love to heckle. It will help you feel as if your time on the couch is productive. 😉

    Seriously, though, do take it easy. Even when you start feeling better. ‘Cause you don’t want a relapse. Trust me.

    Happy couching!

  2. mamatulip says:

    Listen, girl, you throw as many pity parties as you want. I’m so sorry you’re feeling so awful. I’ve never had pneumonia, but I’ve been close to it and I thought I might die. So my heart goes out to you.

  3. Charla says:

    HELLO!! You’re sick, and you deserve to feel bad and have a huge pity party. Stop feeling as if you should be doing something productive and just rest. I just hate that daytime tv is so boring…that’s a lot of yuck to endure while you’re sick.

  4. Mrs. Flinger says:

    OH, good lord, Jamie! Who wants pneumonia in the summer?? Good grief! I hope you’re all better soon so you can go play. 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    aw crap! hope you feel better asap! get the hubby to make you some real chicken stock with plenty of garlic. email me for the recipe. at least your illness can be treated with meds, unlike the flu!

  6. Pattie says:

    Or how about the Discovery Health Channel? 🙂

    I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly. And adding vomiting to the list just makes it all the worse 🙁
    But, I swear by chicken soup myself…breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, too!

    Rest, put your feet up, watch as much tv as you want and maybe read a few shocking gossip magazines to boot! I am sending good healthy wishes your way…

  7. Renee says:

    Yikes! I’ve been behind on my blog reading and missed this whole pneumonia episode!
    Are you feeling better? I hope so!

  8. Blonde Mom says:


    Today I feel pretty good. Yesterday was horrible and I still had a 103 degree temp. But today I actually shaved my legs. 😉


  9. Liz says:

    Holy crap…look what’s goin’ on at your place – sheesh! – get some rest and feel better soon, woman!


  10. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Ick–pneumonia’s the pits. I had assumed you had the “walking” variety (the kind we unkknowinglyl sent our daughter to camp with last summer). Nope–you’ve got the kind my dh had. I knew it was bad when 1) he made himself a doctor’s appointment without any prodding from me and 2) he asked me to DRIVE him to it! Hope you’re feeling better soon. But be warned that the cough may hang on for weeks.

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