Coughing Up a Lung

So remember how I wrote last week that I was feeling funky? I took a sick day Thursday and then was off Friday and felt almost normal. Saturday I started feeling bad again and I was running a fever, which topped out at around 102 that night. Sunday night my fever hit 103.8 and I had a splitting headache that would not go away so the hubby called my doctor first thing this morning and we headed over at 10. My head was still pounding and I had had a dry cough since Saturday. I felt like I had the flu; that was the only thing I could compare it to. They ran tests including bloodwork, which won’t even be ready until tomorrow, and the physician’s assistant prescribed an antibiotic primarily used to treat tick borne illnesses. He asked me twice if I’d found a tick on myself recently and I told him no, but apparently my symptoms were similar to Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Awesome. But it gets better.

We went home around 11 and I called my boss and curled up in bed. I was freezing even though it’s 90 plus degrees here. I then started burning up and could tell it was getting worse by the second. Took my temp and it was over 104! So I started to panic a little a lot but the hubby, God love him, was still home and we headed for the emergency room. There was talk of meningitis (yikes), but the ER physician ordered chest x-rays first. And that’s when they realized I have pneumonia in the lower portion of my left lung. No wonder I feel like dog poop on a cracker! They gave me an IV bag of fluids and of an antibiotic and potassium and Tylenol. I’ve been in bed here at home for an hour and a half and I’m actually a little hungry despite the worst coughing jag ever a few minutes ago and feeling like I had literally coughed up my lung. And now my headache is back. I’m very thankful I don’t have Lyme Disease or Meningitis, but only I would get pneumonia in July.

Oh, and ladies be sure to wear your “good” bra to the ER in case you need chest x-rays and then your every day bra gets hung up on your IV tubing and you end up hiding it under your blanket because you don’t really want your bra waving around like a flag.

p.s. Special thanks to our families (including my sister who works at the hospital where we headed to the ER) who have offered everything from picking up food to watching the girls. Thank God for daycare this week.


  1. mamatulip says:

    Oh my goodness…you poor, sweet thing. How AWFUL. I’m so sorry. Rest up…I hope you feel better SOON.

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh, Jamie — I am so sorry. Hope you can take it easy as much as possible, and that you feel better very soon.

  3. Colleen says:

    OMG! How does that happen…pneumonia hits you all of a sudden like that? That must have been so scary. You poor thing. I hope you’re able to get lots of rest and that you feel better very soon!

  4. Shauna says:

    Good gosh! I’ve been waiting for your usual Monday Musings all day and hoping that something bad hadn’t happened. Take good care of yourself, dear.

  5. R*Belle says:

    Bless your heart! Stay in bed, let people help, and enjoy your hubbys TLC. I am so sorry! If I were there I would bring a casserole over.

  6. Library Mama says:

    I’m so sorry to hear how rotten you’re feeling. You amaze me with your sense of humour through all this.

    I love the tip about the bra. Reminds me of when I went for my annual physical and I accidentally wore an old nursing bra. The doctor exclaimed,”Are you still nursing?!” Considering my youngest was almost four, it was a bit of an embarrassing moment. 🙂

    Do take care. I’m sending healthy vibes your way.

  7. Nicole says:

    Oh, NO! I had pneumonia in May and it was miserable. In fact, my story was shockingly similar to yours — felt crappy, started to bounce back, then spiked a fever and headed to the ER.

    Them antibiotics is good stuff, I tell ya. Take as directed, rest up, and rent some movies because daytime TV sucks.

  8. mothergoosemouse says:

    Shit, Jamie! I’m glad you are okay. That is scary!

    When you are feeling better, I expect you to elaborate as to how your bra ended up flying from your IV stand. I’ve had two IV stands, and my bra has NEVER flown from one.

  9. Beth says:

    I wondered if that was your bra I saw waving like a flag from a pole in the ER!
    Just kidding…
    Love Your Sis,
    PS The offer still stands for help if needed 🙂

  10. Charla says:

    Wow! Pneumonia in July! I knew you must have been feeling pretty bad to be MIA for a couple of days. Sending get well wishes to you, and take your sis up on her offer! You deserve to recoup in peace.

    Feel better soon, girlie!

  11. Larkspur says:

    you amaze me. so sick, taking time to write your blog and the sense of humor at the end made your mom smile.
    I have the best soninlaw in the world.
    you are my special daughter and healing thoughts are pouring your way.
    Rest, looking forward to Caity being with me.
    Love, Mama

  12. Pattie (Domesticator) says:

    Oh Jamie!
    That sounds just awful! I guess when you say you don’t feel well, you aren’t kidding.I sincerely hope you are feeling much better soon.Take care 🙂

  13. Amanda says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Get plenty of rest. I hope they gave you good drugs.

    Look forward to your next blog that you feel like a new woman.

    Take care

  14. Joann says:

    I am so glad u wrote this blog as I was feeling funky last weekend sunday nite started have chest pain and went to ER monday morning during which time a ct scan not an xray revealed i have pneumonia…. going back to dr today (wednesday) as still running fever and feel like crap…. how long til u felt better? i was stunned as i never heard of anyone having pneumonia in july lol like you it currently is in the 90s here and high humidity ….

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