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Where’s the Beer?!

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We had a great weekend with many hours spent outside walking, biking, and swimming. I tried to stay away from my laptop as much as possible, although the darn thing kept calling my name.

In more randomness:

Caitlin had her 4-year physical Friday and weighs 35 1/2 pounds so she must be consuming some nutrients. I told her pediatrician she was a bit of a picky eater and especially stubborn when it came to eating veggies. His response, “Oh…she’ll eat vegetables when she’s eight. I wouldn’t worry about it.” She is 39 and 3/4 inches tall, which puts her at the 41st and 50th percentiles for weight and height. As she sat on the examining table waiting for the pediatrician, her tan little legs kicking the side, I couldn’t get over how “big” she looked. Sigh…here is one of my favorite posts from earlier this year that describes a lot of what I feel these days about watching my baby girl grow up.

Just because it’s cloudy outside, doesn’t mean you can skip on the sunscreen on your back and shoulders. Ouch!

My new Trek bike was ready on Friday. I LOVE it! If it has been years since you’ve ridden a bike, though, your knees will curse the day you decided to take up biking again.

Do not order chicken nuggets and fries at a Mexican restaurant. (You’d be better off sneaking in a Happy Meal from Mickey D’s for the kids.)

Left to her own devices after supper, Amelia will forage for cheese crackers and beer. (Click on the picture to see a few more pictures from this weekend on Flickr.)


  1. Liz says:

    Mini-me — our youngest who just turned five — is also a very picky eater and has always averaged in between the 40 and 50 percentile range.

    Our Pediatrician says pretty much the same thing about the veggies and isn’t too concerned, as long as her rate of growth continues along the same curve.

    Mini-me’s foraging habits are pretty much the same as Caitlin’s — party at our house…you guys bring the beer!

  2. Kristen says:

    My kids don’t eat any vegetables anymore. I used to be able to get them to eat green beans, but now, not so much. SIGH.

  3. Marye says:

    What adorable pictures- I love those little baby legs in the fridge picture! Glad to hear about the veggie struggles. Nicholas has decided that now that he is a toddler, he will no longer eat anything green. Thank goodness for sweet potatoes!

  4. Charla says:

    Chase seems to be *slightly* (very slightly) warming up to a very few veggies and fruits. He is truly a meat-eating boy! I’m taking him for his 4 year old check-up tomorrow, but I already know he’s a bit bigger than Caitlin…he weighs 42 lbs. (always been a big boy).

    Very cute pics, BTW!

  5. mamatulip says:

    Well I’m glad that your ped told you that about the vegetables, because I kinda get worried sometimes that the only vegetable Julia will eat is corn, and even that’s hit and miss most times…mostly miss.

    I love the “Where’s the beer?” pic!

  6. Mrs. Flinger says:

    What a great weekend (minus the staying away from the laptop) 😉

    And I think LB is almost as tall as Caitlin! She’s in the 99.9 percentile. I birthed a damn giant.

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