Some of my favorite bloggers occasionally post a wrap-up of how search engines bring readers to their respective blogs so I thought I’d jump on the blogwagon.

Drunk Girls Blonde
Why I am a bit tipsy right now…how ever did you know?

Wee Wave Infant Swim Suit
I bought one for a mere $5 at my favorite store in the universe, Tarjay, and so far I am very pleased. No more overspending on Little Swimmers. I can live without the cutesie cartoon characters if Amelia can. We have yet to experience a poop in it, though. That could be the turning point in the Wee Wave relationship. Since she’s been on about 8 million antibiotics for her recurring ear infections her poop has been very interesting.

The Record Barn
I worked at The Record Barn one winter break in college in the late 80s. I thought I was hot stuff because I was a veritable walking dictionary of popular music at the time and also was into a lot of alternative music. These days I’m lucky if I even recognize any of the artists on MTV. Also, some boy, whose brother knew me in college, had a crush on me and although it was cute at first it quickly accelerated to annoying because he would wander over every night as the mall was closing and as they were literally lowering the metal gate barring the store’s entrance.

Anna Nicole’s Boob Picture
While I have blogged about Nicole and I have blogged about boobs, I have not blogged about her boobs. From what I can remember, hers are fake. Mine are real. I also do not share her penchant for 90-year-old men or for naming children after desserts.

Caitlin Loves You
Why yes, she probably does.

Mom’s Round Ass
Thank you so much. It’s actually getting flatter as the years go by.

Super Nanny Bedtime
You have obviously never been to our house at bedtime. Either that or you are suggesting we are a candidate for Super Nanny which means you are either very perceptive or have a hidden camera in Caitlin’s bedroom documenting the manipulatress as she prolongs bedtime for hours.

Only Eat Lean Cuisine
Is this a low-cal takeoff on Supersize Me? Trust me…you will STARVE.

Mom Boob
I have two actually.


  1. Shauna says:

    Hmm, I was just thinking of doing this yesterday after someone searching for “naked Betty Rubble” found their way to me.

  2. Lucinda says:

    Good ones! I’ll bet you get plenty of perverted “blonde” searchers. I think I have a record number of searches for “Adult diaper pattern”- it pops up at least a few times a week. Must be one great pattern!

  3. Bluegrass Mama says:

    I can’t decide if my favorite recent one was “painting trim sucks” or “huge muskrat.”

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