Monday Musings

“Oh, God love her.” My exact sentiment as I watched a very pregnant women walk into Publix at lunch today while carrying her toddler and holding hands with one of her two other little girls. I can’t imagine being pregnant in this heat and watching after two small children.

“It’s just a store.” This was the hubby’s response when I told him that I was looking at a Flickr gallery of a new Super Target (courtesy of Miss Zoot.) Obviously, he does not understand the hypnotic allure of Tar-jay and what would possess a grown woman to look at another grown woman’s photos of a store that does not exist in our town. Actually maybe that is a little weird.

I really liked a quote I saw from actress Kate Beckinsale on the cover of the new Redbook magazine while in the checkout line at Publix. Something along the lines of “Just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean you have to stop being sexy.” However, after looking up the article online and reading about her fabulous beachfront Malibu home, her nanny, her stylist, and her assistant, etc., it was a bit tough for me to relate to good ole Kate being “down-to-earth” as Redbook described, ya know?

The following is an excerpt from the Beckinsale interview…you tell me if you think this is “down-to-earth.”

    She’s Got the Look
    Kate’s stylist came prepared with many designer clothing options including Missoni, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren — and tons of shoes, enough to line an entire wall of the house! As far as Kate was concerned, everything she tried on was a winner — gauzy blouses, sexy white tank tops, super soft T-shirts and lacy dresses were all big hits. She liked them so much, she decided to buy everything she tried on — even the shoes!

Hello…Redbook? What are you thinking? Please hire me as a freelance writer to do some stories on real life down-to-earth moms. There are some great ones out there.


  1. Charla says:

    Well, even though there is no SuperTarget in Nashvegas (which is WIERD!), my fave one to go to is the “new” one in Franklin (not by Cool Springs, but actually in Franklin). I also like that new one in Brentwood, right off of I-65 (where the Panera Bread is). You know, Memphis only has one ST, and it’s practically 5 miles from another Target. An AWESOME ST is in Knoxville right off of I-40. Am I a Target nut or what?

  2. AmberN says:

    Oh yes, she sounds so down-to-earth. I wish I could be that down to earth, buying everything I tried on and getting it all brought to my house in the first place.

    But alas, that won’t be happening anytime soon, so in the meantime I’ll stick to Tar-jay, my favorite everything store (although we don’t have a ST as far as I know, just the regular ones).

  3. Bluegrass Mama says:

    No Super Target here, but sometimes I think I live at our regular Target. That’s where I’d buy my room full of shoes and gauzy blouses. I actually did buy a white tank top there the other day, so I guess I am well on my way to being Kate.

    Oh, wait. The tank top was for my daughter.

  4. mothergoosemouse says:

    Come October, we will have a SuperTarget between our house and the girls’ school. Way, WAY too tempting.

    How I wish someone would do a photo shoot of me while I picked out pretty clothes. They could even publish the photos sans airbrushing.

  5. Mrs. Flinger says:

    The day I found the target nearby that had a starbucks in it I was practically singing all day. I’m not kidding. Tar-jay is alluring. Like porn. Or. Something.

  6. Anne says:

    i am gearing up for a trip to target this evening. I think. if I can actually get my stuff together. and some cash too. I am addicted to their clearance items. and kid clothing.

  7. Courtney says:

    Damn! I was doing so well today, resisting the urge to go to Target and drop $100 on stuff that I suddenly “need”. I mean, it had been a full 24 hours since I was last there. And then, I saw your blog, and the giant red target symbol began flashing before my eyes and calling my name. Now my husband and daughter will have to wait for dinner because I must dash off to Target. And, I was making so much progress…

  8. Nancy says:

    We have a Target Greatland here, which is bigger than a normal Target but not quite the Super Target. Still quite lovely, and it’s got the Starbucks in front.

    Yeah, I wish I was as down-to-earth as Kate with my own stylist, and able to snap up all the clothes from my photo shoot. Hmmm — to me, she’d be “down to earth” if she brought her OWN clothes and applied her own makeup, then stopped by SuperTarget on the way home to pick up some new wardrobe options. 😉

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