This is my first entry for author Joshilyn Jackson’s Blogging For Books monthly contest (aka B4B)! Julie at Mothergoosemouse posted her entry last week and I thought it sounded like a great idea. The day before I had been contacted to review Joshilyn’s recent book, Between Georgia, so it seemed like fate had slipped into her little black dress and was just twisting my arm to write something for B4B already. Check out the details of Blogging For Books on Joshilyn’s blog, Faster Than Kudzu (what a great Southern name!) The topic was magic and I’ll admit I couldn’t think of anything to write about, until I received a little inspiration at the dentist. You don’t have to have a blog to enter, so if you enjoy writing and need a little inspiration, visit Joshilyn’s blog for more information. The finalists’ entries will be read by Shanna Swendson, author of Enchanted, Inc. and its sequel, Once Upon Stilettos (the B4B winners will receive their very own signed copy!)

I took Caitlin to my dentist last Friday for her first official cleaning. My dental hygenist is a very kind gray-haired grandmother and I knew Caitlin would warm up to her immediately. Our dentist’s office has a small waiting area designed just for kids. There are two comfy stools covered in a funky zebra fabric, a flat-screen TV tuned to cartoons, another TV dedicated to Sony Playstation, and a basket filled with kids’ magazines and books. My hygenist explained everything along the way and changed the TV in her area from CNN to the Disney Channel. Oh yes, way to set the mood. The regular cleaning became a magical experience when the hygenist brought out the usual dental cleaning instrument under the guise of “Mr. Tickle.” Caitlin was offered a veritable smorgasbord of polish flavors, from grape to bubblegum (uh…we did not have that when I was a kid and I also remember those nasty red chewable tablets that would highlight the areas in need of more TLC). This was followed by a fluoride treatment, which was flavored like banana split. Oh the irony. I mean can you imagine going to the spa and getting a chocolate bar facial? Caitlin acted like a pro at the dentist and if I hadn’t witnessed the entire visit, I would have suspected they’d given her a hit of laughing gas while I was’t looking. Caitlin left with a bouqet of balloons, a coloring book and small pack of crayons, AND a Disney Princess Jasmine purple toothbrush. The highlight of the day, as if there couldn’t be enough excitement crammed into one dental appointment (I was actually starting to feel a little jealous, I mean where the heck have my balloons and princess toothbrush been hiding all these years?) was when the dentist stopped by to examine Caitlin’s pearly whites. He proceeded to mesmerize Caitlin with the classic “pull an object†out of an ear magic trick for her with one of the plastic lady bugs she’d selected so carefully from the prize basket. It was at that moment that her eyes glazed over with excitement. I spent way too much time at the dentist and orthodontist as a kid and much of it I’d like to block from my memory. But perhaps if the experience had been as magical, I would have liked it more. It’s not too late, though. Frankly if they’d offer me a frozen margarita for each filling I’d go into the whole ordeal more relaxed.


  1. mothergoosemouse says:

    Yay! Great entry. Glad I’m not the only newbie who gave it a shot.

    Someday I’m going to have to write about all of my self-inflicted dental work. Thousands of dollars and not a single solitary stinkin’ balloon. (A couple Vic0din scripts, but I’d rather have a balloon.)

  2. mamatulip says:

    Great post! I remember those awful pink tablets, and the flouride that we used to have to swish around in our mouths once a month at school. Yuck. I feel a bit sick just thinking about that.

  3. Anne says:

    what a great story and good luck with the entry; you did good, hon! I used to lovelovelove going to the dentist too! sighhhhhh.

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