High Society

It’s Monday and I have a million things to do at work, so what better way to start the morning than with mindless celebrity gossip.

Paris Hilton apparently backed her Range Rover into a Honda Civic last Thursday while doing what she does best…shopping. Of course, if she was doing this while driving, then I find the quote from her publicist, Elliot Mintz, comical:

“Paris is a very responsible and a very good driver. … She takes her driving seriously,” Mintz said. “This was unfortunate … it will be handled appropriately.”

Also, an anonymous reliable source (one of my family members) saw Nicole Kidman here in Nashville over the weekend shopping at Wild Oats. Perhaps she was in town with Keith Urban for the CMA Music Festival formerly known as Fan Fest?

So, do you have any celebrity “scoop?”


  1. R*belle says:

    I am willing to bet that she may have been in town but she wasn’t shopping for food. I guess she could have been buying it for other people…

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    R*Belle, my source said she was very pale, tall and skinny. So she might have been shopping for organic shampoo or something. LOL

  3. Library Mama says:

    “handled appropriately”?

    If the other driver was female, Paris’ll pay for a shopping trip for her on Rodeo Drive.

    If the other driver was male, well, fill in your own blanks…

  4. Mrs. Flinger says:

    See, I’ve been completely sucked into the brangelina bit. I can’t help myself. I wanna be JUST like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Mr. Flinger would like that as well.

    Celebrity Gossip? Nothing new. But I’m always a few days behind.

  5. Laugh out Loud says:

    My co-worker was in front of Keith and Nicole in line at the Green Hills Starbucks Friday at 645am. She said they both looked like they had just rolled out of bed and that Nicole was extremely tiny.

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