We’re headed to a friend’s pool today. Caitlin and I have already been lounging in her kiddie pool in the backyard. I’m very surprised the dogs haven’t punctured the pool, but they seem content to watch us from the shady corner of the yard where they’re probably secretly laughing at us in doggie speak. One of the best purchases I’ve made this summer is a hot pink Wee Wave washable swim diaper for Amelia. You can reuse it over and over and it’s small enough to go underneath her regular one piece bathing suit. They are available at Target, although I couldn’t find them online. You can even purchase itsy bitsy matching bikini tops or swim diapers for little boys. They were on sale for $5 this week at Target and that sure beats the price of Lil Swimmers!

I was thinking about one of my funniest (although not at the time) experiences poolside in college. I had traveled down to the hot spot…Daytona Beach, Florida…with several girlfriends and we were staying at a beachfront hotel with a gigantic tacky Aztec sun emblazoned on the outside. I had spent hours shopping for the perfect bikini at the mall and was totally into trolling for cute guys on the beach by day and on the strip by night. One afternoon after perfecting my tan and drinking a wine cooler or three I was standing poolside chatting with a group of particularly cute guys. I felt something warm splash on my shoulder and upper back and it wasn’t Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil. Mr. Seagull had decided to bring the party to a shrieking halt. In fact, I shrieked so loud I’m sure everyone on the spring break party barge a mile out heard me. I bolted into the hotel and headed straight for the lobby bathroom to survey the damage. Fortunately there was not much actual bird poop on me, and my spring break spirit was not broken. I was out chatting it up at a beach volleyball game that very afternoon. Bird poop will not get a girl down who is on a spring break mission of fun and sun.

Now bonus points to anyone who knows who sang the hit “Poolside.” Hint, his motto is “Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big, wear glasses if you need ’em!”


  1. Cityslicker mom says:

    i dont know about that song, but im liking the idea of the wee wave swim diaper! i’m in Target all the time and have never seen those. Thanks for posting about it. i’ll definitely have to check them out!

  2. mothergoosemouse says:

    Well, Poolside is the name of an album by Nu Shooz (who sang “I Can’t Wait” in summer of 1985).

    So Jonathan Livingston Seagull gotcha, huh? At least you could easily wipe it off your shoulder. Not like it landed in your HAIR.

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Cityslickermom: The swim diapers are very cool. I don’t think they would hold up to a big “blowout,” but so far so good. I think they also have some sort of UV protection, but I’ve already tossed the packaging. I wanted to link to them, but can’t find them online.

    Mothergoosemouse: I remember Nu Shooz! Good guess, but he’s a local artist (from Nashville). And actually if memory serves me right, I think a bit of seagull poop did get in my hair but I’ve obviously tried to block that from my memory. 😉

  4. mamatulip says:

    Those washable swim diapers sound like a total stroke of genius! I shudder to think at the money we’re spending on Little Swimmers.

    I will never forget the time I got pooped on by a shithawk — I was in elementary school and I cried in the bathroom for so long afterward…I was so disgusted!

  5. Mrs. Flinger says:

    We just went swimming as well. If you discount my large belly hanging out of my suit, it’s quite fun.

    Gawd. I’m so purdy.

  6. nancy says:

    I got one of those Wee Wave diapers, but I’ve been using them over the little swimmers — I know it’s overkill, but I am not sure I can handle the idea of poop in the thing. I could totally see Rosie going that route. 😉

  7. Kristen says:

    Ewww. Eww, eww, eww. What a good sport you were, though, not letting the bird poop ruin your day. LOL!

  8. Your best friend says:

    Hey, I’m crashing the party to answer the question. WEB WILDER!!! I think I am the only local person to ever own one of his albums!

  9. Renee says:

    I always have a paranoia that I’m going to have a bird shit on me. I’m not sure why. It’s only happened once in my 36 years, but I’m always checking myself for bird poop.

  10. Nohell says:


    Webb Wilder’s album with Poolside — “It Came from Nashville” has been re-issued on CD,and I actually found the thing last fall at a record store in Columbia, S.C. I remember as a teen-ager blasting my Webb Wilder cassette while lounging poolside at my parent’s house. The jam box volume prompted my Dad to open the back door and shout one of his classic lines, “Noelle, the music is for you. Not the whole neighborhood.”

  11. Anne says:

    i am totally going to look in to that swim diaper! Is it sold with the other ones, I hope? Thanks for the tip. And the seagull poo reminded me of a trip to disneyland when my mom was divebombed by a bird and her poor little white terrycloth sunvisor became sullied. damn pestilence!

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