Chafe My Ass Friday

I didn’t post a Chafe My Ass Friday list last Friday but that’s not for lack of ass-chafing material. My job has been insanely busy with multiple projects and I’ve been planning Dora/Pizza/Sugar Birthday Fest tomorrow and Amelia has been sick. So life has been busier than usual.

Apparently May is shell over thousands of dollars for unexpected repairs month for our family. Last May our home central heat and air unit finally went out and I can assure you that nothing will send a man dialing a repairman faster than a wife who’s staying home with a newborn baby who is panicking just thinking about going days without air conditioning in the heat and humidity of Middle Tennessee. On top of that, my air conditioning in my car had to be repaired last summer. Ironically just this week at work my new office mate and I were discussing that it seemed a tad warm in our office and the office building repairmen discovered that we had no AC cirulation at all. And all these weeks I thought I was having hot flashes or something.

So this year’s May Repair Mayhem was a major unexpected repair to my six-year-old Nissan Pathfinder. Grinding metallic noises whenever you give a vehicle gas are generally not a good sign. Now I need to drive this vehicle at least another year (our expenses will go down when Caitlin starts kindergarten in August 2007) and I really heart my car. I just don’t heart major car repairs. I was without my car for several days over the Memorial Day weekend, which was definitely an inconvenience, but now I’m back to chauffering the girls around town, listening to Caitlin’s neverending requests for Bon Jovi from the backseat, and paying way too much for gas.

Other than my car repair and Amelia’s ongoing ear issues (which we got good news on today…we’re set for another followup on Monday) life is pretty darn good and I’m just thankful for air conditioning and the fact that Anna Nicole Smith is really pregnant because she is a hoot as we say down South.

So, do you have anything you need to get off of your chest?


  1. Renee says:

    Things always break in groups, don’t they? My oven is on the fritz right now and I’m choosing to ignore it.

  2. mothergoosemouse says:

    I had better knock on wood because I’m just inviting disaster to strike, but nothing’s really chafing right now.

    I’m glad your car is better and I hope the prognosis is good, both for the car and for Amelia’s ears.

  3. Pattie (Domesticator) says:

    I don’t really…what a surprise! So, your daughter is still singing that song? I must tell you that whenever I hear it, I think of your post! Isn’t that funny?

  4. mama_tulip says:

    Your story about the central air breaking down made me laugh. I’m in a part of Canada that gets really, really hot and humid in the summer and last summer was record-breaking, in that it was *so* hot very early on in the season and we had very, very little rain. The whole summer was just brutally hot (the day I delivered Oliver it was 114 out) and when I was 38 weeks pregnant with him, our entire A/C unit crapped out. I was freaking out…our neighbours came over to see if I was in labour because they could hear me crying. Yeah. Dave called every A/C business in the book and got the same answer every time: “We’re booked for weeks, buddy” until the one place took pity on him for having an enormously pregnant wife and sent a guy the next day.

    Anyway. That’s my A/C horror story for you. I can *totally* relate.

    The only thing that’s chafing my ass today is that we all went out for dinner tonight and Julia’s chocolate ice cream cone landed in my lap, on my brand new pants that I just bought and am so proud of because I’m down a size. Dammit.

  5. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Well, it would be LOVELY if my husband got to leave work in time to make our dinner reservations. But alas.

    Sorry ’bout the massive repairs. Homeownership has issues, too, hu?

  6. Joel says:

    Life is good, except…found out today our homeowner’s insurance premium is about to double! Have I mentioned how I’ve come to dislike insurance companies in a very big way? We made the mistake of filing claims for downed trees caused by storms two years in a row – relatively small amounts – and that was enough for our carrier of many years to non-renew. I have learned my lesson…insurance is great as long as you don’t actually use it…apparently I failed to read the fine print. Oh well…besides that no complaints.

  7. Charla says:

    I mean, really. Are you me? Last year our central unit went out AND the air conditioning in MY 6 year old Nissan (Xterra) that I have to drive another year is on the fritz. I’m just glad I’m not planning a b-day party for my 4 year old tomorrow like you get the joy of doing. Good luck, and Happy b-day Caitlin!

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