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Mother’s Day Trading Card

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Mrs. Flinger
beat me to the punch, but I think if she and I activate our wonder twin blogging powers we’ll encourage a boatload of mommies to bombard Flickr with our cool Mother’s Day trading cards coordinated by Helene at Adventures in Parenting. (And could that sentence be any flippin’ longer?)

So what are you waiting for? Go visit Helene for the scoop on how to make a superhero card now! You don’t need white go go boots or a cape, but that would be pretty funny, now wouldn’t it?

On the snarkier side of the bloggy fence, the fabulous Mrs. Flinger has put forth a Mother’s Day contest of sorts asking moms to write a post on why they deserve to be mother of the year. Let’s just say that she’s the poster child mama for poison control.

I moved this post from Thursday to the top of my blog. As of Saturday morning, there were nearly 50 trading cards on Flickr and Helene has a goal of 100. It’s a neat way to read about other blogging moms and their amazing “super powers!” So go make one now!


  1. bridgermama says:

    Love your card! I would love to do one up for myself, however, just not feeling like I deserve it today… 🙂

  2. sweatpantsmom says:

    The trading card is a great idea. Am going to check it out. (And do you use your wonder-twin-blogging powers for good or for evil?)

  3. tnchick says:

    Oh… I will try to make one.

    BTW – my name is the same as yours. You mentioned NIT – I have no idea who/what that is LOL

    Where in TN are you?

  4. nancy says:

    I’m going to try and do my card tomorrow. I think I’m going to run out of laptop juice shortly and I have a cat on my feet. 😉

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