Just Another Day in Paradise

Let Caitlin pick out an outfit (she selects her signature mismatched brightly colored socks…she is flexing her “creative” muscles, although I’m hoping this trend ends before kindergarten).
Get the baby dressed and fed.
Baby spits up some foul banana/pancake matter on herself, me, and somehow manages to projectile spew a dollop of it on big sister’s clean nap mat sheet I was supposed to bring yesterday but forgot.
Dab the banana/pancake matter off everyone and everything with a clean bib I grab off the mountain of wrinkled clean laundry on top of the dryer.
The hubby throws his “clean” black polo work shirt in the dryer because it has dog hair on it.
Take the girls to daycare and realize that once again it is unseasonably cool out and they are somewhat underdressed (but they have windbreakers at daycare so no prob).
Zip back by the house to grab a DVD needed for work.
The hubby’s “clean” wrinkle resistant khakis look neither clean…nor wrinkle resistant.
Quickly spot iron another pair of pants and drop them by his office on the way to my office. (His office, by the way, is less than a mile from our house so that’s not as bad as it sounds.)
Get stalled on the way because the utility company is trimming trees by power lines.
Realize I have no earrings on, again.
Spend what seems like all morning trying to retrieve the information I need off the ever lovin’ DVD already, which locks up continually.
Go to lunch at Chili’s at 11:30 with the hubby.
Yea for cheeseburgers.


  1. nancy says:

    Mmmmmm…. cheeseburgers.

    But the crazy morning routine sounds alarmingly familiar. Even when I think I’m prepared, there’s always a glitch or two to throw a little variety into the morning’s events!

  2. deb says:

    I don’t have babies to feed in the mornings but I do have dog hair to remove – and cat hair – and I forgot my watch today – again. Hope your tomorrow goes a little more smoothly (as much as it can lol) and know that there are lots of people out here just like you and your husband running around town wearing hairy, food-stained clothing ;~)

  3. Charla says:

    Heh…Cheeseburger in Paradise?

    I feel ya…I STILL can’t get to work on time, and my mom comes to my house to get Claire for me each morning. Glad to see what my future looks like 🙂

  4. Blonde Mom says:


    If I actually get up on time, it’s not too bad at all. I’ve got the system down pat now and so will you! 🙂


  5. Anne says:

    hahhaha…i love the pants description. and underdressing the girls I can totally relate to. ergh. Lunch with the mister? at chilis? priceless! I love their strawberry margaritas…sugar on the rim and everything!

  6. mothergoosemouse says:

    Oh the mismatched clothes. Oh my god. It doesn’t matter if I buy matching sets from Gymboree – neither Tacy nor Kyle can get it right. I picked her up from school one day and she was wearing pants underneath a dress. At least she was covered, I suppose.

    I miss having lunch with Kyle. That was one benefit of the collections jobs from hell.

    Otherwise, your morning sounds pretty standard. I can commiserate.

  7. Mrs. Chicky says:

    Burgers make everything better – Don’t they? Well, almost everything. They don’t make things better when your dogs leave piles of hair on your new black pants!

  8. Mari says:

    My favorite part of blogging is reading someone’s post and having that global moment: The realization that thousands of miles away there is another woman who could understand your life and vice versa.

    I *get* that post so clearly. Well said…and cheeseburgers with your husband make a satisfying ending. Gives a girl like me some hope!

  9. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Eating out = Moms day here. Of course, I NEVER like to cook, so that happens a lot. 🙂

    P.S. your day? It’s like Groundhog day for me. I swear I’ve lived that!

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