First Set of Wheels

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I mentioned in my Monday Musings post that Amelia isn’t walking yet at 13 1/2 months. I have to admit I am guilty of doing the sibling comparison thing between her and Caitlin, but with two girls it is an easy thing to do. Now Caitlin didn’t walk until right at 13 months, but she didn’t start doing her funny “crabby walk,” as we dubbed it, until 11 months. She was a big booty chunkster, weighing nearly 25 pounds at her one-year physical, so it was no big surprise that it would take her a little while to walk. Amelia, on the other hand, crawled much earlier at 7 months but still is content to stick to cruising, crawling, or her favorite mode of transportation, mommy’s arms. With Amelia being my second child I’ve let my mommy hair down a bit when it comes to relying on parenting guides. With Caitlin I had my copy of “What to Expect The First Year” on my nightstand table like a parenting Bible that I could reference when she got an odd rash or her poop turned green. With Amelia, I’ve barely touched the book. It might as well be a doorstop. In fact, I realized the other night that I could not remember the last time I even opened the book. It’s not that I really know what I’m doing as a mom, but I do have a higher comfort level that things are okay without referring to a book or a website or Googling “poop turned green.” I put it back on the shelf with the other parenting books I don’t read have on display for looks because I couldn’t quite bare to give it away just yet. Amelia’s first year may officially be over, but I’m still clinging to it. And deep down inside I am selfishly a little glad that she is not walking yet because that will be just one more part of the baby phase that’s gone. Not to mention it’s much easier to keep up with a baby who’s not walking yet!


  1. Renee says:

    You are so right about that last part, especially! I can remember with the girls just waiting and waiting for them to walk. And then, when they finally did, thinking ‘I was waiting for this?!!??’.

  2. mama_tulip says:

    Oliver’s started pulling himself up and cruising and while there was a part of me that was fiercely proud of him, the majority of me was like, “There goes my baby!” and “Good grief, stop this so I can keep up with you!”

  3. Shauna says:

    I found myself Googling “poop looks like cookie dough” the other day. Didn’t really find what I was looking for.

  4. Kristen says:

    Yeah, if I were you, I’d be relishing the fact that you can still effortlessly get a hold of her. I’m all about laziness over here. (Of course, when my second one still wasn’t walking at 13, 14, and 15 months, I was wishing for it, too.)

  5. Trisha says:

    I got tired of carrying my second child everywhere. I really wanted her to start walking. With your first you don’t have to haul them all over the place. When you have the second you are so busy with the first that you wind up carrying a baby across the world – daily. Oh well, you can look at it as an arm workout.

  6. Blonde Mom says:

    Trisha, the other day I was trying to help Caitlin with her tricycle in the driveway and Amelia kept wanting to be picked up (my husband was still at work so I couldn’t hand her off to him). And yes it was getting OLD. You’re right, though, my arms are pretty toned! More than the rest of me! 😉

  7. Pattie (Domesticator) says:

    It’s going to go by sooner than you know. Relish it….she’ll be walking before you know it…and getting into more mischief!

  8. Nancy says:

    LOL at Shauna’s comment!

    I had a neighbor whose son was still crawling at 18 1/2 months. Since we just had the one kid then (Mimi) who started walking at one year, I was amazed that it didn’t seem to bother her. What I realize now is that it was her 3rd child — she probably was holding out for him to crawl as long as possible. And yes, she had amazingly toned arms, too. 😉

  9. Anne says:

    I do the exact same thing with my girls except it is a lot more vague. I have thoughts like “Shouldn’t Em be doing this by now?” without knowing for sure if she is behind when her older sister was doing them. Which is lame I know. But I totally make comparisons. And lately it’s mainly been personality wise. I am loving the 18 mo. old stage where Em clasps me around the neck with arms and legs and hangs like a little monkey because, to be honest, when her 3 yr old sister does it, I get way too tired and 18 monthss is just perfect for it. Now, what was I saying? gahhhhhh

  10. Julie says:

    I saw so much of myself and my girls in this post! “What to Expect” is dusty, and my arms ache from carrying CJ around (even though she can walk quite well). And I should be embarrassed to admit it (but I guess I’m not since I’m about to do so), but I cave in to CJ’s demands for a bottle at home (she’s only 15 months, after all). Snuggling her on my lap while she slurps down a bottle makes me think I still have a baby instead of a toddler.

  11. Jill Butler says:

    My son Cole is only eight months old, and I find myself wishing that he will wait a few months after his first birthday to start walking. Kirsten was walking around eleven months, so since he is probably our last baby I hope he will be a baby longer than our daughter was.

  12. Helene says:

    Ditto… ditto … ditto. With the second child who needs books. It’s nice to have mommy experience.

  13. Lucinda says:

    My baby didn’t walk until 14 months and neither did I. My friend’s baby didn’t walk until she was 16 months… I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown wondering if her child was “normal.” Of course, now she acts like she was never, ever worried… 😉

  14. lynfh says:

    Yep, all three of mine were 15 month-ers. Now that my youngest will be 21 months next week- I’m wishing for my toned arms again. I totally understand wishing to keep the baby phase and Julie’s bottle comment and with the third I think I had given away my “What to Expect…”. My baby still has the pacifier. Now that the high chair and bottles are gone… the crib, diapers and the “pacie” are all we hang onto reminding us of the baby phase. So damn cute. I’d do a fourth if I didn’t have to be pregnant again.

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