Saturday Morning Links

I cried at work Thursday reading this blog post. I was sitting there at my desk with mascara pooling in the corners of my eyes. Do you ever read posts that make you cry? I’ve read hilarious posts that were pee in your granny panties funny and posts, like Chris’s, that turned me into a bleary eyed wreck wishing I’d put on waterproof and hormone proof mascara. I just started reading The Big Yellow House. She has seven children…SEVEN. I’ve been pretty wistful this week as Amelia turned 13 months old on the 12th and I still can’t believe it. I’ve been getting e-mails from Pampers and Baby Center with subject lines like: “Your Toddler is 13 Months Old” and it takes a few seconds before it sinks in that they are talking about MY BABY. She can’t be 13 months old. Sniff. There I go.

Rate your “blog influence” at, you guessed it, How do people come up with such original names?

This is a great little feel good video on You Tube. Check it out.

And because it’s Easter, you have to check out the Peeps website. Marshmallow Peeps are my favorite. I’m so going to be buying myself some later today. And here’s a site with Marshmallow Peeps recipes.

I’m going to work on Easter baskets today (Dollar Tree rules) and we’re going to a new Mexican restaurant with Amelia for lunch and margaritas. I’m so thankful we have gorgeous weather this year. Last year was downright cold. Not as much fun dressing the girlies up in their Easter finery if they have to wear coats, you know? I’m going to attempt to get some good Easter pictures of the girls but getting them both to sit still is like herding cats, as my friend Staci says. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! Here’s Caitlin, circa 2004. (Her second Easter.)


  1. deb says:

    Will you be hunting eggs, too? I can’t wait to see my grandbabies in their Easter finery today 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Kristen says:

    I read The Big Yellow House too – she is amazing, getting actual WORK and BLOGGING done while home schooling the seven kids. I don’t get it. And I don’t think she sleeps.

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Wow…Kristen I don’t think I realized she home schooled her children, too. I am speechless, and for me that is a rarity.

    Deb, we did have an Easter egg hunt yesterday. The weather here couldn’t have been better, could it?!

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