Ear infection? Check. (Thank God that’s not plural.)

Night wakings? Check.

Fever? Check.

Roseola? Check.

Sore throat? Check. (All the above were claimed by poor Amelia earlier this week.)

Pink eye? Check, check. (Do we get bonus points for both eyes?)
The hubby has a horrible case of conjunctivitis. Why is it when we have a “date weekend” planned (Caitlin is staying with the grandparents tonight and tomorow) someone gets sick? WHY? Luckily he went to the doctor Wednesday and got prescription eye drops as well as an antibiotic. His Ray Charles days of wearing cheap sunglasses to disguise his eyeballs of death are over, hopefully. He was starting to scare people. Me included.

Co-pays out the wazoo? Multiple checks. I need pre-stamped checks for our pediatrician alone or maybe a punch card. Get a free visit after your tenth! And why does the baby always want to crawl on the floor at the doctor’s office? Gah.

3-year-old hopped up on Easter egg hunt loot? Check.

Mommy pilfering aforementioned loot for Lifesaver Gummies Bunnies & Eggs while unsuspecting 3-year-old takes a bath? Check. I’ve got to remember to sufficiently hide the empty packages in the trash.

3-year-old’s bags packed for a two-night visit with the grandparents? Not yet, but I can pack her bag, unlike my own suite of bags, in a New York minute. As long as she’s got her army of Beanie Baby Bears, she’s happy. I throw in all the other extra stuff, uh, like clothes and her Piglet toothbrush.

Tax refund? Check? We’ll see. I’m waiting and crossing my fingers and toes.

Jumbo bottle of wine? Check.

Is it Friday yet? Check!!!!!


  1. mama_tulip says:

    It always seems to happen right around Easter…everyone gets sick, the weather goes wacky, it’s tax crunch time and people run around the stores grabbing things off of the shelves like it’s the Second Christmas. LOL.

    Hope everyone’s feeling better, soon, so you and the hubs can enjoy your date weekend.

  2. Colleen says:

    We’re suffering over here too. I was sick earlier in the week and Delaney’s been ailing with stomach flu for three days. I’m about to lose my mind from being cooped up in the house. But, I’m not sure I want to be out there with all the crazy Easter shoppers either.

    We were able to enjoy our date night last weekend so I guess this week is our penance for that!

    I hope you’re all feeling better soon and you have a fantastic date weekend.

  3. Pattie (Domesticator) says:

    Jamie, didn’t you suffer a similar fate a while back while attempting to take off for a weekend away? It’s not fair! Hope your weekend is full of better days.

  4. Blonde Mom says:


    Yes, unfortunately the weekend we got together with my college buddies Caitlin (my 3-year-old) was sick! Luckily Amelia (my 13-month-old) is fine now and the hubby’s pink eye is better. Not gone, but better. We’ll actually have Amelia here with us over the “date” weekend, but we’re going to at least try to do dinner or lunch tomorrow while we have a sitter. 🙂

  5. Nancy says:

    This seems to happen in our family when we have stuff planned — someone and/or everyone gets sick! I hope you get to enjoy your weekend some. I think a bunch of wine (or as J’s mommy suggests, something stronger) might help.

    By the way, you’re tagged — check out my latest post for info.

  6. bridgermama says:

    Oh my, I feel like a king size whiner for mentioning the illnesses passing through our home. We ain’t got nothing on you! I hope the healing gods smile upon you and you are all magically healed. 🙂

  7. Mari says:

    Holy moly…I say you declare the week a “do-over”. Don’t golfers call “Mulligan” or some such nonsense? Why can’t moms get the same.

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