Saturday Morning Links

OK kids. Are you ready? Is your bowl of Fruit Loops primed for milk? It’s time for the second edition of Saturday Morning Links at BlondeMomBlog. I think I’ll make this a Saturday tradition, although I probably won’t do it weekly.

If you’re into digital scrapbooking, Shabby Princess has the yummiest designs around. If I could print them out and eat them, I would. Yes, indeed.

Engrish is a site that catalogs hilarious and bizarre translations of various Asian dialects to English. Case in point…Crap Your Hands Elmo!

We just celebrated several family birthdays in March. Here’s a great site if you are looking for a theme for a kid’s party.

I just participated in my first consignment sale and was amazed at the amount of stuff I had to sell, even after giving things away and making a Goodwill run. Here’s a helpful link to consignment sales across the country. My theory is that until the girls get wise to fashion, I’m hitting the consignment sales.

So there you go kids. Go scrap, crap, party, and shop!


  1. Anne says:

    omg, Crap your hands Elmo…priceless. CRAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH! Nancy rocks for making me laugh my ass off.

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