ClubMom Deadline Is Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that the deadline for blogging positions at ClubMom is tomorrow, March 30. I posted about these opportunities earlier. The folks at ClubMom are looking for moms to write on a variety of topics: pregnancy, homeschooling, single motherhood, dieting, celebrity gossip, family finances, running for office, making a difference, and other recommended topics. These are paid blogging jobs. ClubMom bloggers also rack up ClubMom Points each month which can be used to redeem items from their rewards catalog. There is also an opening for a mom to launch their Best of Mom Blogs Editorial Round-Up, which I think sounds like a fun gig. You can join ClubMom by clicking the ad above my blogroll!

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  1. Mrs. Flinger says:

    I hope you get it. I was gonna apply but.. well.. you know, fear of rejection and all that.

    You, however, would rock the blogging house down. Seriously. I totally missed you, beyotch. Smooooch.

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