Wanderlust and a Pack of Bit-O-Honey

Driving down the highway in my convertible, the warm wind whipping through my hair, I pop in a CD and glance in the rearview mirror as I head out of town with a full tank of gas, a cooler full of beer, a pack of Bit-O-Honey from the gas station (the hubby would choose Lemonheads), and no agenda. That’s my idea of a roadtrip. You know…images of Thelma and Louise and a young virtual unknown hottie named Brad Pitt. Roadside honky tonks. Being chased down by the police. OK…maybe nothing quite that exciting. The baby and I had our fun little overnight roadtrip Friday to get together with my college buddies. It wasn’t the beach, but it was a lakeview cottage. It was also about 40 degrees out and I had the heat cranked and we were listening to what few good songs I could find on the radio. But still there’s something refreshing about getting in the car and heading out of town. It’s spring break for most students and I’ll admit I have that itch. I found myself looking at vacation rental houses in coastal North Carolina today. The hubby is in the same mood. Maybe it’s the cold weather; maybe it’s my internal clock that says it’s about damn time for spring to kick in.

It hit home that I am rusty on road tripping, because about 10 minutes into the drive I realized I forgot to pack any CDs. I had the usual kid collection, but lullabies or Old McDonald are not my idea of good driving music. I’d either fall asleep at the wheel or go insane after hearing E-I-E-I-O for the 50th time. I was forced to surf the radio waves and at one point was listening to Elvis’s “Kentucky Rain” (seemed appropriate as I was driving through Kentucky) and The Grateful Dead “Truckin’,” which also seemed appropriate.

And I’m always amazed at how much STUFF you pack for an overnight trip with kids, even just one. I had all my gear and of course since I only took the pair of jeans I was wearing I spilled pizza sauce on them at dinner (not that my friends care). I also packed Amelia’s food and a couple of small toys and a change of clothes and her PJs and about 8 million diapers and wipes. Then there was the portable booster seat and the play pen which served as her bed for the night.

The hubby and I had a dinner date a few weeks ago in the trendy college part of town where I had my first post-college apartment. He grabbed my hand from across the table and asked me if I ever missed being single and the freedom that goes along with it. I wouldn’t trade being a mom and wife for anything, but I’ll admit sometimes I miss that freedom…the idea that I can just jump in the car and roadtrip for spring break. What about you?


  1. mama_tulip says:

    Absolutely. I realize it when I’m trying to get out the door with the kids to run errands or something. There’s coats and hats and scarves and buckling and unbuckling and I’ll think to myself, ‘Gone are the days when I grabbed my keys and walked out the door…’

  2. R*Belle says:

    Oh girl, I am right there with you. You and I can let our hair fly bac, hit the road. Can I smoke cigarettes too? Haven’t done that in years.

  3. Pattie (Domesticator) says:

    Yes, I miss the freedom sometimes, too. But, like you, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have almost forgotten what life was like before I got married and had kids. Although, a road trip like you describe sounds great. My version would be complete with my favorite music, LOTS OF CHIPS ( and I wouldn’t even have to share!) and some chocolate. It’s AWFULLY tempting!!! 🙂

  4. Jamie says:

    Well I suppose I wouldn’t drink and drive. More like a big fountain Coke for me (and the Bit O Honey) for the road and the beer for when I get to the destination (my favorite, the beach!) But beer sounded good last night

    Oh, and Pattie I’d have to have a ton 0f good CDs. R*Belle, you can smoke filterless Camels as long as you crack a window. Mama_Tulip, the buckling and the unbuckling of the carseats wears me out! 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    being able to leave for anywhere at a moments notice w/o having to pack extra diapers, clothing, shoes, snacks, sippee cups, and infant tylenol…I totally miss that. Oh, and eating out without taking the screaming hazards…when you can actually enjoy the meal w/o rushing to pay the bill because one or both girls is melting down? oh hail yah, i miss that.

  6. Renee says:

    I barely remember what that’s like, but sure, I miss it. Packing for just one, being able to sleep in every morning, paying for just one! Man, do I miss it!

    (of course, I wouldn’t trade those little boogers for the world, though)

  7. R*belle says:

    I feel that I should go back and add the standard disclaimer that I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world, but this post was about a mini mind fantasy anyway, not that any of us are chucking the kids, grabbing our housecoats, and running for the hills.

  8. Nicole says:

    R*Belle – We aren’t? Damn. 😉

    I just got back from a weekend to visit a friend. Alone. I took one bag and took advantage of the fact that I could sleep when I was tired, eat when I was hungry, and worry only about my own needs.

    It felt weird. A good weird, but still weird. I think the everyday rhythm of carseats and sippy cups grounds me in a way I hadn’t recognized.

  9. nancy says:

    Like you and the others, I would not trade my kids for anything. But some weekends I definitely do miss the notion of sleeping in, deciding to get out of the house on a whim, stopping for a nice dinner and lingering over dessert…

    It’s still enjoyable when we have those moments now (rarely), but in the back of my mind I always wonder about the kids. Once a mom, always a mom.

  10. Bluegrass Mama says:

    You drove through Kentucky? Did you wave? Oh wait, you were still too far south. Not to mention west.

    I swear that they play “Kentucky Rain” every time it does rain here (like today).

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