Back in Town, A Day Early

Saturday Afternoon Bath

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We’re back from our trip to Barren River State Park visiting with my college buddies a day early. The baby and I ended up going alone because Caitlin (who is NEVER sick) had a 103.8 degree fever Thursday. I took her to the doctor yesterday morning and it is viral so her pediatrician did not prescribe anything (but at one point I started to panic over her fever being so high). The hubby did a great job of taking care of Caitlin yesterday while Amelia and I were out of town for the night and although she’s still not 100 percent, her fever is nearly gone. I had a great time with my friends and it made me realize just how long it had been since we have all gotten together. But with work, kids, and distance it makes it more difficult. And doesn’t it always seem like someone gets sick when you make plans?


  1. Pattie (Domesticator) says:

    Oh God, yes! We attempted to see a play two years ago, and the sitter called an hour after we left…vomiting son. So, we missed the show. Fast forward to two weeks ago…attempted to see the same show…two years TO THE DAY ….daughter starts throwing up two hours before show time…it’s a conspiracy, I tell you! A Conspiracy!!!
    It’s great you were still able to go on your trip!:)

  2. mama_tulip says:

    That does seem to happen just when plans are ready to unfold…when my aunt and uncle came to stay with us from NM both of the kids got sick and I came this close to telling them not to come. I’m sorry you had to come home early and that Caitlyn’s not feeling well but I’m glad you got to go and spend one night. One’s better than none. 😉

  3. nancy says:

    I am sorry Caitlyn’s not feeling well, but it’s great that you and Amelia got to go and spend time with your friends. It gave both parents one-on-one time with a child, and it gave you a chance to reconnect and get some of that important time with old friends!

  4. bridgermama says:

    I hope you get to see your buddies again soon and that Caitlyn is feeling better. Yummy bath picture!

  5. Anne says:

    what a precious photo! I love those bright baby eyes when they are so happy…and the tiny sink; it’s just total cuteness! Glad you had a good time with your pals. I’m always left feeling that way after a good visit. It’s just so hard getting together nowadays.

  6. Kris says:

    Oh, what a cutie! Yes, someone always get sick, right at the worst time. Glad it worked out though.

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