Somebody Pimp My Ride

I went to lunch with a friend yesterday and she asked the dreaded question: “Can you drive?’ I don’t mind driving, but it’s just that the interior of my car is on the way to Funkytown. Luckily I had anticipated that I might need to actually transport another adult in my Pathfinder and I had put all the junk–the garbage bag of stuff destined for Goodwill, the tennis shoes and socks for those days I want to walk at lunch (whenever we have decent weather around here…Tennessee is still considered the South, right?), Caitlin’s artwork from school, some magazines and coupons from my mom, a lone baby sock, empty “fruit” snacks packages (are those things really “fruit”…probably not)–in the back. That’s the car version of my home organization trick of shoving everything in a closet. I used to be all about the wheels back in the day. The interior of my car shone with Armor All, the floorboards were clutterfree, the windows were smudgeless and sparkling and not dotted with handprints from the kids and noseprints from the dogs. Now that I’m the kid and dog chaffeur, the car is just not on the level of coolness that it once was, although I have to admit I have no desire to drive a minivan (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Now I don’t have one of those Baby On Board signs or a “My Kid is an Honor Student at Blah Blah Blah” bumper stickers but I’ve got the double carseat action and the rockin’ kiddie music CD collection. One of my personal resolutions this year, though, is to keep my wheels in better shape so at the very least my friends won’t be embarassed to be seen in my car.


  1. Anne says:

    you have just described the interior of my xterra. I aways forget to perform the once-over before leaving the house to go do something and then its the mad grabassing and shoving of paraphrenalia prior to having someone sit in the front seat that really shames me. sigh. Mommahood rox!

  2. Renee says:

    I’m with you on that one too. I got a van back in October and I’ll go months at a time without venturing into the back-back seat, because I don’t want to see what’s lurking back there.

  3. R*belle says:

    Ah, same here. I drive a lovely GMC Envoy that used to be clean outside and in. Now it says “Wash Me” on the back window and I am just hoping that roaches and ants don’t follow the slobbery trail of cheerios that are inside.

  4. mama_tulip says:

    I think the most embarrassing thing about the inside of my van is the amount of empty coffee cups there are rolling around in there.

  5. Cityslicker mom says:

    lol! i used to think that what the inside of someones car looked like reflected what their home looked like- ha- that was before having kids. Now i know it’s not true, case in point: my car too!

  6. Jamie says:

    I forgot to mention my friend is also a co-worker so I see her all the time…that probably put more pressure on me to clean up the funkymobile! 🙂

  7. nancy says:

    The state of my vehicle is always pretty embarrassing. Fortunately I usually don’t have to drive anyone if we go out to lunch at work because due to the carseats in back I can only fit one passenger. I make everyone else drive. 🙂

  8. Emily says:

    Ugh, due to years of commuting my Civic has collected quite a bit of mess – no time to clean. I was always embarrassed to be the “drive to lunch” car for friends/co-workers. Now Addam’s driving it and we got the new car, so hopefully we can keep things a little more picked up. I hope!

  9. Kristen says:

    Uhm. We had to actually get rid of our last vehicle because there was simply no way to correct the horrible, horrible condition it had been victimized into. I was embarrassed when we traded it in our new, non-smelly (as in cottage cheese forming in old sippy cups and pirates’ booty ground into the carpets) vehicle.

  10. Pattie (Domesticator) says:

    I had my Yukon serviced a few weeks ago, and the mechanic handed me a card for a detailing service. He said they were going to vaccuum it out for me, but…it…was…beyond…that.

  11. bridgermama says:

    Ahhh yes, but do you have 30 1/2 full water bottles strewn about your floor boards and freaky melted substances in your cup holders? I do, so I obviously win the nasty car interior contest!

  12. Kennie says:

    I can assure you that it is not just the ladies that have car interiors like this, Anyone with kids would probably be in the same state, but teenagers have no idea how to clean their rooms, let alone the car!!!

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