Crimes in Organization

I probably gave the false impression last week that I am an organized mother who diligently scrapbooks, archives, and organizes every precious memento for her children, from the lock of hair snipped at their first haircut to their favorite sippy cup dipped in 14 karat gold and displayed on the mantel. In reality, however, I would get a big fat F from Martha for my organizational skills. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE organization. I start to glow as I fondle the basket liners at Target and I nearly drool on the glossy color photos of color coordinated baskets and liners in the latest Pottery Barn catalog stashed beneath my mattress. Most days, however, my organizational technique involves cramming as much as I can into drawers, closets, and the utility room and praying no one notices.

Last week I ran into a woman I used to work with at the hubby’s office. When she asked to see pictures of the girls I realized the latest photo I had of Caitlin in my wallet was my favorite picture of her taken by the hubby when she was 12 months old (Caitlin is going to be 4 in June). I do own a photo album “brag book” (also in need of updating but not as superbly lame as the wallet photo collection), but I’m not sure where it is. I resorted to showing her digital photos of the girls on the husband’s computer. I didn’t even have a photo of the baby in my wallet. Again, repeat with me…LAME.

While I have tried to keep their baby books updated in my one attempt to redeem myself from mommy organization purgatory, I haven’t organized any photos in an actual album since Caitlin turned 18 months old. I love digital photography and now that I can take a million pictures, download them, and share them online with the click of a mouse, why bother with actually printing them and putting them in a photo album! Pffft.

Beyond photographs, what about all the STUFF your kids accumulate (we won’t even go into all the artwork they bring home from daycare or preschool) that you feel compelled to hang on to…you know, the birthday cards, etc. Caitlin’s memory box from pregnancy and newborn days is sitting in a closet. Girl child #2 Amelia doesn’t even have a memory box. She has a small Baby GAP shopping bag filled with random items from the hospital.

Luckily we’re stopping at two children or the third child’s memory “box” would be a plastic baggie containing their Social Security card.


  1. R*belle says:

    I love it! So very true. I feel lucky that I have enough brainpower to put them on the internet in order. Of course, there are no pictures up since December, so go figure.

  2. bridgermama says:

    I have a organized girl deep down inside trying to get out. Unfortunately the disorganized, messy one keeps kicking the crap out of her!

  3. mama_tulip says:

    LOL, this is me too. Printing pictures? Finishing scrapbooks? Updating wallet photos?

    What’s that?

  4. Emily says:

    I remember when I used to print photos – before my 35MM went caput and I got a digital. LOVE my digital camera, but since I use Yahoo photos for albums I never make the time (or now, budget the cash) to print all those pictures. Sigh. I feel bad about it at times, but at least I have these photos where anyone we care about can view them! I think that’s the important thing.

    I am so unorganized, though. I try. I’m OK organized for work, but when it comes to home I’m just terrible.

  5. Kristi says:

    Yeah, our fourth child? Nothing. Even our third, nothing. The first two kids, up until about four years and 2 years, we have photos and mementos. It just gets to be too much, though I know I will regret it. I already do, actually.

  6. nancy says:

    Oh, man. I reached the height of embarassment when a former coworker asked to see recent pics of the girls, and all I had were those ID cards you’re supposed to have if your kids are ever missing. Yeah — pretty bad.

    I am horrible about just purging as all that stuff (artwork, birthday cards, etc.) comes into the house. If I’d just take 5 minutes to read-and-weed, I could save so much time down the road. Sigh. I sense a major archeological expedition coming down the pike!

  7. moe says:

    Nobody ever asks me for pictures of my kids. I always have my kids with me. My husband likes to have a picture of the kids in his wallet. I wonder why… hmmmm…

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