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More proof that blogging moms are taking over the world came in the form of an e-mail I received today from ClubMom and I thought it might be of interest to the moms who read my blog. The featured blogging moms at ClubMom will be compensated with cold hard cash as well as ClubMom Points, which sounds very enticing, especially since they mentioned the word SPA. Heck, pay me to do something I love and reward me with spa perks –sounds like a nice deal. I might even blog about things I don’t know jack about for spa perks. Now if they really wanted to sweeten the pot they could offer free childcare and margaritas…but I digress. Also, of note, if you read Melissa Summer’s blog of Suburban Bliss fame, the crying jag she had in front of former Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue was related to some West Coast meeting of the mom minds for ClubMom. So I repeat, dollars for blogging, spa perks, and somehow Andrew Shue is involved in this. And seeing as I haven’t heard anything about him since Melrose Place, I’m thinking this might be a wise investment.

Now here’s the skinny on the blogging opportunities at ClubMom:

Topical Blogs
The initial launch will feature ten blogs from diverse moms on equally diverse topics: pregnancy, homeschooling, single moms, starting a new diet, celebrity gossip, family finances, running for office, making a difference, and other topics based on recommendations by moms.
Compensation: $500 per month for each topical blog (5 posts per week will be expected); in addition, 10,000 ClubMom Points per month which can be redeemed for rewards from the ClubMom Rewards Catalog including gift cards, spa services, movies, etc.; plus performance based bonus.

The Best of Mom Blogs Editorial Round-Up
ClubMom is looking for someone who has a great and distinct voice to launch this blog and, hopefully, that blogger already has a well-established blog. This round-up will synopsize the most interesting and compelling mom blogs – in and outside of ClubMom.
Compensation: $1,000 per month; in addition, 20,000 ClubMom Points per month; plus performance based bonus.

Applications for these opportunities are available on the ClubMom blog and are due by March 30. (And no I didn’t get paid to promote this, but they are asking some mom bloggers to help spread the word.)

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