The Birthday Princess and her Peeps


Originally uploaded by jamiemom.

(To be read with a thick British accent.)

Her royal highness Princess Amelia Grace celebrated the anniversary of her birth yesterday with a familial gathering at her family domicile. Many gaily wrapped presents were opened under the tutelage of her big sister, aka Princess Caitlin, or she who appointed the Care Bears theme cake. Their royal cousin, Sir Garrett, entertained the jovial subjects with his newly acquired talent—walking. Much cake and ice cream, purchased at the village grocer, was devoured and goblets (uh…plastic cups) of Ginger Ale were hoisted in merriment. Kings JT and CG, otherwise known as Papa and Pee Paw, were so exhausted by the royal revelry that they fell asleep in the den while Princess Amelia, exhausted from eating her first birthday cake, napped and the merry band of partiers enjoyed the beautiful weather.


  1. mama_tulip says:

    I just looked at the birthday pics! SO CUTE! I didn’t realize I could click the picture; thanks for pointing that out. 😉

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