This Time Last Year

Last March I was watching the clock and unable to walk to the kitchen without feeling the uncomfortable jabs and pains that were Amelia’s in utero Morse code for, “Mommy, I’m going to bungee jump out of your womb if you don’t let me out soon!†I had officially begun maternity leave February 28. I was convinced I would go into labor before my scheduled c-section on March 12, after all that was just three days before I would hit the 40-week mark and I’d gone into labor with Caitlin at 38 weeks. Physically and mentally I was prepared to meet our newest baby girl. The nursery was ready—the changing table was stocked with those newborn diapers that seem unbelievably tiny when you unfold them. I’d washed several loads of laundry, from onesies decorated with bunnies and flowers to socks to soft blankets and infant gowns. Although I could have easily put Amelia’s things in the dryer, I hung most everything up on a wooden drying rack outside. I loved to see the blur of pink each time I walked by our patio doors. The infant carseat, long outgrown by Caitlin, was installed in my car for the trip home from the hospital. We’d purchased a gift for Caitlin from Amelia—a toy picnic set that we would have waiting for her at the hospital to open when she would meet her sister for the first time.

I’ve been working on Amelia’s baby book this week. Putting things down in writing is bringing back a flood of memories. It’s amazing how fast the past year has gone by and how easy it is to forget the small details. Not necessarily the first words or first steps, but the newness of a baby and the way they look and smell and feel. The way their legs curl up and their wrinkly pink toes and the little grunting noises they make when they are waking. In a blink, Amelia is nearly walking and talking. I try to grasp on to the quiet moments that come in the midst of life’s craziness…the times when I am rocking her and I look down at her sweet face full of contentment and I know in my heart these precious times are dwindling. I want to grab on to those last remnants of her newborn days for as long as I can. I know they won’t always seem as familiar and near, but I’ll never forget them.


  1. Nancy says:

    It is amazing that there are times when the newborn period seems to stretch on and on (like when you’re dying for sleep and the night is endless) — but before you know it, you turn around and they’re not babies anymore. *sigh*…

  2. mama_tulip says:

    Man, I really need to get on that ‘baby book’ thing. I have them, but I’m bad at updating them. LOL.

  3. Jamie says:

    I realized this week if I didn’t record something in her baby book (besides her cute footprints from the hospital) that it would essentially be blank. LOL! 🙂

  4. Anne says:

    Wow, I am in awe of your baby book tasking. All I could manage at Em’s 1st b-day was a photo album thang. The baby book is partially filled out to the 3 month mark…maybe. Poor baby book. (I kinda like to believe my blog will make up for all the babybook space.)

  5. Anne says:

    hahha! I cannot BELIEVE you are doing the baby book. you suck! (I only say this out of respect for the rest of us who have fallen by the wayside on our own baby books.) Actually, you rule. but I can no longer be your friend.

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